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Reading my Mom’s latest post, Lessons In Daughters and Broken Hearts (from a Mom who has been there), certainly brought back some memories for me!

My Mom definitely practices what she preaches. She has always given her four children fair, honest, wise advice whenever we have faced a challenge.

This is why I place such a high value on her opinion and her respect.

Everyone is going to experience a broken heart at some point in their lives. I have definitely had my fair share, whether it was being broken up with by a boyfriend or betrayed by a friend.

I am sure that my Mom wanted to take on my pain each and every time my heart was broken. Since she couldn’t physically do that, however, she had to rely on being there for me with open arms and compassion.

Her “Lessons In Daughters and Broken Hearts” post was absolutely spot-on… she never told me, “There are plenty other fish in the sea,” or any variation of that useless “wisdom” that does nothing to ease a broken heart.

Instead, she hugged me, let me cry, and taught me a lesson in broken hearts that has never failed to prove true:

“Each day you’ll wake up feeling less and less heartbroken. Each day you’ll think about (insert name of person who broke my heart here!) less and less. Then one day you’ll stop and realize that you haven’t thought about (that person) at all. And you’ll see that each day gets easier and easier to move on and forget about (the heartbreaker).”

I challenge you to find an instance where this doesn’t prove true!

I can only hope that when my children have broken hearts someday, I will be able to help them in the way my Mom always helped me.

And if I can’t, I’m sending them to Grandma!

– Jane


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