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Manic Monday

Taxes, taxes, taxes. It’s that time of year!

This Manic Monday’s word is tax.

My husband Steve is very much on top of doing our taxes.

Or, I should say, he is very much on top of having our taxes done for us!

As long as we get our taxes filed on time, that’s all that matters to me. Well, it also matters that we actually get money back instead of having to pay.

Anyway, we had our appointment with our CPA way back in February… it seemed to me like it was very far in advance, but Tax Day seems to have creeped up on us quickly, so I’m glad we got it done sooner rather than later!

That’s why our taxes is one thing that Steve doesn’t leave up to me! I’m known to be a bit of a procrastinator, so he’s smart in this regard.

Last year we used our tax return money to get replacement windows in our house.

This year the money will probably go to leveling our backyard and laying down grass (and sadly, not a Louis Vuitton purse), since we had about 20 trees cut down last October and the process wreaked havoc on our beautiful lawn!

I’m going to lobby for Uncle Sam to change his “dependent” policy soon and allow us to claim our doggies are dependents.

I mean, they are our children, after all! We buy them food, toys, beds, medication… they certainly live with us (more like run the house!) and rely on us for their support.

Changes are always being made by the IRS to keep up with the changing “traditional family.”

Come on, Uncle Sam – keep up with the times and the growing number of doggy children!

I hope everyone gets their taxes done on time and gets lots of money back!

– Jane

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