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*Let me preface this email with a disclaimer – I love my husband more than anything in the world. I knew the second I met him that he was the man I would marry… and I have loved him more and more with each passing day for the 9 years that we have been together (6 of them married!).

But I digress…

We have set up “shop” for our Pinks & Blues Company at my mother’s house – which, incidentally, is about 2 miles from my house – and this works perfectly for my sister and I because it’s a great place to come – work – and feel comfortable.

I leave every morning around 6:30am… and I usually have a morning routine.

I wake up to the sound of William screaming “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!” Then I go into his room and he usually says, “Do you have to go to work because I miss you so much and cry when you’re gone.”

(To all MOMS out there… my heart literally melts every time he says this. Even though he knows I’m around the corner and will be back before naptime, it’s still heartbreaking.)

But again… I digress…

Then I check on my Alexander (who is usually still sleeping).

I get dressed.

I run downstairs and do a quick clean-up.

I run back upstairs, wake up Benjamin, and get him ready to come with me to work.

Then I (literally) NUDGE my husband to let me know I am heading out – at this point it is usually 6:30am on the dot… and he’s usually dead-ass asleep… but I like to let him know I’m leaving for work and that the boys (or at least one of them) is up!

Alrighty… so let me bring you to yesterday.

The same morning routine – except my husband isn’t feeling well (we have all had this awful headcold – sore throat, coughing, and headache over the past couple weeks – and now it looks like my husband has it).

Well… I still need to leave for work… so I kiss my husband good-bye and head off.

Around 10am I decide to call home and check on my boys – all of them.

The conversation went thus so:

(muffled husband) “Lo?”

(me) “Hi honey…(pause) are you still sleeping!!!!!?” (in a QUITE alarming tone!)

“Oh sh@#… yeah… what time is it?” (still a bit muffled, but quickly hearing my tone and waking up)

“Um… it’s 10am. Are the boys still in their rooms?” (translation – Are you kidding me!?)

“Yeah… I haven’t heard them…” (I hear him getting up and opening Alexander’s door)

(Alexander) “Hi Da-Da!” (translation – in a exuberant tone – kind of like – thank God you came to get me, I have been sitting here for 2 hours wondering where everyone is!)

(me) “Please go check on William while I’m on the phone too…” (translation – Are you kidding me!?)

(William’s door opens) “Hi Daddy… I’m watching TV.” (In a happy, here I am, a BIG BOY tone!)

OK, this is where I breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

And breathe again.

Everyone is safe and sound.

Everyone is ok.

Everyone is finally up.

And like I said before… I know my husband was not feeling well… and tired… BUT, how many times have us mommies felt tired and not on our “A-game” and still pried ourselves out of bed and got the house moving in a forward motion!!??


And again, I love my husband more than anything in this world (but thank GOD my boys were safe and honestly, quite self-sufficient!)… this is just a great story now to pass on to the boys someday… !!

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