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As of June 30th, I will have been a wife for 6 years.

As of today, I have been a mother for 2 years and 7 months.

And in this time, especially as of late, I have begun to breakdown my role… and (as much I as I hate to admit this) I have been comparing myself to others, and basically seeing (BIG TIME) just how different we all are…

Let me explain – I have pretty have broken it down into 5 rough categories:

1.) The 7th Inning Mother
Truly the name is what it means. This is the Mom who shows up in the 7th inning of her child’s baseball game – just to see them win, and her son is happier than anything because she actually just came.

Never mind the Mom who has been there since batting practice. This is the Mom… dare I say it… who probably shouldn’t have become a Mom – but has the kids and does what she can – however big or small. But her children – for the life of me I don’t get – think of their Mom as a true and utter princess.

2.) The “Keeping up with the Joneses” Mother

Ahh… almost the worst kind. This Mama does everything in her power (falling short of anything illegal, or not!?) to make her son/daughter the most popular stand out. I cannot tell you how annoying this “version” is (to me in particular).

You know these Moms… I’m sure we could all rattle off about 2-3 names in a heartbeat. The Mom who love to announce the brand of clothes their children have on… The Mom who makes sure she is driving the “right” car to pick up from daycare/school/swimming… The Mom who shows up perfectly manicured – I mean, PERFECTLY – along with her cable knit sweater wrapped around her shoulders.

She is the Mom who constantly is trying to keep up with everyone else – but the sad thing is, everyone knows it. Everything is done in a fake way. Even down – sometimes – to the names of her children.

And this is the kind of Mom who needs “MOM” time… where the kids go to daycare and have babysitters and have nannies, and do every activity under the sun… all so she can prevent herself from – again, dare I say it – actually BEING with her kids!

3.) The Donna Reed or June Cleaver Mother

Probably the one every child/husband would like! This Mom… she is the one who has everything (or seems to have everything) so under control that it’s scary! She is the one who actually has a scissor drawer…!

Believe me, I wish I could be more like this. Routines and an absolute handle on everything. Grocery shopping days – with actual lists. The house is always immaculate – and this is all without a housekeeper! The beds are always made. The laundry is always done and put away. The toys are never laid out all over the floor with each rising of the sun!

This is the Mom who is waiting by the door with a fresh delicious plate of cookies. And all with dinner ready and on the table every night.

Oh, and all while wearing pearl earrings! Scary thought, huh?

4.) The Trying-to-do-it-all Mother
This is probably who most of us Moms are! This is the Mom who simply tries to do it all – and still tries to look good. The one who constantly feels pulled in 100 directions and still tries to hold down a job and bathtime!

She doesn’t have the time to get her hair done – but will just make do with her own hairbrush and hairdryer. She’s got her makeup routine down to 2 minutes – sometimes with time to spare! She knew she looked good before kids and still tries her hardest to stay that same “smokin” lady – but falls short sometimes!

This is the Mom who is playing catch in the backyard with her son… all while braiding her daughter’s hair – and honestly is not complaining about it. She just trying to do it all, with the time that she’s got!

But still loves to collapse on the couch at night with Grey’s Anatomy!

5.) The Husband-does-it (or most of it!) Mother
I don’t know many Moms like this… but I know enough to make this an actual category. This is the Mom who has her husband doing 90% of the work. Yes, the shopping. Bathtime. Chores. Cooking.

And (I even gasp as I write this) these husbands ask their wives to go out and have some time on their own. I swear, I know 4 Moms whose husbands ACTUALLY tell them to go out and have “alone time.”

I almost didn’t believe it. They go out… have their nails done, do lunch with the girls, go to the beach… Does this not sound heavenly??

We all probably fall into a few of these categories… or maybe one of them is a HUGE RED FLAG to you that that is exactly who you are. Maybe we float from category to category – depending upon how we’re feeling that day.

Either way, it is absolutely amazing how different we as Moms and wives are… I have close, close friends who fall into categories that I would never dream of falling into.

But I must admit… even though I’m definitely not the “Husband-does-it-all” Mom, sometimes it would be nice to have my husband turn to me and say, “Go out for the afternoon and relax…” Maybe I should be flattered that he’s never felt the need for me to go and “escape” for the afternoon.

But as much as we all want to be, we’re not Superwoman all the time…

Just the days we decide to wear our capes!

*But notes to DADS… read this blog and let her choose her own category on Mother’s Day!

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