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My husband’s job requires him to travel to NYC once a month for a week or so.

As much as I love the fact that he has a great job, I hate the fact that he has to go away…

Especially now with 3 kids.

He just got back Wednesday night after being gone since last Thursday morning (well, he did come back for the day on Mother’s Day – but that is another story within itself – I will share that in the future – when I’m calm)… and for some reason he seemed more tired then me!?

Yes, I will repeat…

He actually seemed MORE tired than me.

Now I KNOW that he worked for a week straight in NYC… I’m not trying to knock his work in that it’s not hard or laborous… BUT, he’s not chopping wood. He’s not laying bricks. He’s not mining. He’s not up all night in a hospital. He’s not building bridges.

And I will insert here that he DID work from 7am to 10pm almost every day… but 80% of it was supervising people.

OK, this is where I will add my piece to his time away in NYC.

I was at home for 6 days with the kids.

Yes, 6 days with a 2 1/2 year old who now knows how to open our front door… and constantly WANTS to be outside.

Yes, 6 days with a 1 1/2 year old who now thinks he can “jump” off the top of the stairs, and likes to stand on the top of the couch and fall off onto the cushions (he’s already giving me gray hairs!)…

Yes, 6 days with a 6 week old… who needs to be held and fed, held and fed, held and fed – and rocked to sleep.

6 days of trying to work at home… trying to work with Dora and Diego blasting in the living room.

Trying to work with yogurt all over my hands because my sons think it is funny to smear yogurt on their faces!

Trying to work with 3 rainy days – where going outside is just OUT of the question.

Trying to work through 4 days of no naps.

Trying to work through potty training.

And the “I want to play in the sink”… “I want to brush my teeth”… “I want to blow bubbles” 100 times a day.

And trying to stay up late enough each night to know that my husband is safe and sound in his hotel (because I’m one of those wives who gets nervous about her husband being in NYC).

OH… did I mention that I wake up at 2am and 5am to feed Benjamin!?

So when my husband called Tuesday night around 11pm and said he was ordering some dinner (24 hour room service) at his hotel – in which he was put up in a suite – and was contemplating having a IN ROOM MASSAGE… I wasn’t too amused.

There I was trying to get William to “PLEASE go to sleep”, cleaning the bottles, trying to do a load of laundry and fold 2 baskets of clean towels, and praying that my ob/gyn appt. the next day (post pregnancy 6 week visit) would go well (I’m finally healed!).

Yes… after being put up in a suite, with 24 hour room service, including optional in-room massages, he actually came home from the 6 days away and seemed more tired than me!?

More tired. Tired enough where I didn’t even bother to wake him the night he came home to feed the baby (last night was different – he was up at 4am with me)…

I know we all work hard. But there are times I want to look at some men (my husband included) and go – COME ON!!

As I said in an earlier post, “Are you kidding me!?”

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