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Margaret Light is co-owner of BeauLily, LLC, a company created to supply attractive, comforting products that provide therapeutic physical and mental stimulation for our beloved elderly family members and friends. BeauLily’s story began with Margaret’s creation of a TwiddleMuff for her Grandma Lily, and the company grew from there. Margaret lives in Illinois with her husband, three sons and dog Ned.

1. Have you always been entrepreneurial? If yes, what was the first spark for you? Was it as early on as selling lemonade on your street corner and loving the fact that you were working for yourself and making people happy and earning some money – or was it later on?

My earliest creative venture was making the wooden bead necklaces that were popular in the mid-70s and selling them to my friends and acquaintances at high school. It was a real buzz to see my ‘creations’ being worn by others and pocketing the $1.50 they were willing to pay me for them. My summer job for 4 summers running was working assembly line in a pastry factory where my creative outlet was to shape the ‘extra’ dough into ‘interesting’ shapes in order to amuse my friends at the other end of the oven. I believe that no matter what you’re involved in, you can bring creativity to it!

2. What was the moment that you said to yourself “ah-ha….!” I’m on to something here!?

My grandmother was 90 and had lost her sight and her ability to get around so she sat and listened to the radio/tv for hours at a time. Her hands grew cold and stiff. I was living in England at time and wanted to give her a Christmas gift that was going to be really useful. I developed the TwiddleMuff (which I originally called a Fidget Bag) to keep Grandma’s hand warm and active with a variety of gadgets to give her busy fingers something to explore. That was the only TwiddleMuff I ever expected to make but my sister-in-law, a physical therapist for the Arthritic Society, saw the TwiddleMuff and exclaimed that she knew hundreds of people that could use a TwiddleMuff. I investigated what else was available and discovered that the TwiddleMuff is unique!

3. Do you love what you do?

I spent 20 years in a corporate role and did feel empowered, recognized and rewarded – which I understand is rather unusual. Still, I made the decision to leave and to see what I could create without the resources and bureaucracy of a major corporation behind me. Things I thought would be easy are often hard and those things which others struggle with, I can handle quite readily. By far the best part about the TwiddleMuff business is getting feedback on how much they’re appreciated. Also, today I went into a local Pharmacy and asked if they had heard of TwiddleMuffs. The clerk said indeed he was familiar with them but they had not received any yet from their wholesale distributor. People had been going in to this pharmacy and asking for them! That is oddly thrilling!

4. On your journey to getting to TODAY, has the quest remained the same for you or does it change as you grow?

My life goal has always been to arrive at the end of my life knowing that I’ve made a contribution, been thoughtful about how I live and that I’ve remained open minded and positive about personal growth and my relationships with others. My husband, 3 sons and mutt, Ned give me ample opportunity to test this daily!

5. Best words of wisdom for anyone seeking their passion.

Not everyone is blessed with a passion – so if you’ve got one, don’t ignore it. You have an obligation to honor your passion.

Here are some quick ones we like to throw in our interview just for fun!:

Sun or Snow? A clear, sparkling sunny day with 2 ft of snow!

Coffee or Tea? Green tea, black tea, herbal teas

Early Bird or Night Owl? Definitely an early bird

In the evenings… TV or Computer? I can’t do just one thing so it’s often the TV on as I work at my laptop

Fruit or Donut? Daily fruit – weekly donut

Cell phone at night always… On or Off? Off

Heels or Flats? I’d be barefoot every day if I could

Sweet, Salty or Sour? Sweet in every form

Are you renting… Romantic Comedies or Documentaries? 1 Documentary for every 3 Romantic Comedies.

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction – I love getting lost in a book!

You simply must go check out the fabulous comforting, entertaining and therapeutic products for seniors offered by BeauLily at www.beaulily.com, including the newest addition – the TwiddlePup!

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