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We thought it would be fun to make every Thursday a sort of
Pinks & Blues Girls: The Early Years photo book.

We’ll post old pictures that make us laugh, reminisce, and – let’s face it – recall some questionable fashion choices!

It would be fun to see YOUR Throwback Thursday pictures on your blogs, too!

This first photo is circa 1983 – the four Couto kids at Disney World. Left to right: Jane, Keith, Adam, Audrey:


This next one is another of us four kids from the early 1980’s. We were on vacation somewhere because we never had a room that looked like that in our house! Left to right: Adam, Jane, Keith, Audrey:


This last photo is from Christmas 1992. We were so excited to get a Karaoke machine – The Singalodeon! Left to right: Adam, Keith, Audrey, Jane:


Join in the fun with your own Throwback Thursday photos! And don’t forget to leave a comment!

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