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What better way to kick off the official Memorial Day start of summer than with a fabulous contest giveaway!?

You know how you never (are supposed to) wear white before Memorial Day?

Well, it’s Memorial Day and it’s time for our next contest!


We’re giving away a brand new Dooney & Bourke Splash Denim Bucket Handbag in summer white with a white leather strap. Retail value: $135!

This bag screams summer with its fun, playful “splashes” of color, and includes the must-haves of an inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket, inside key hook and top zip closure. It’s fully lined in red canvas and has a strap drop length of 5.25.” The full dimensions are: L 9″ H 8″ W 5.5.

We’re also tossing in a sumptuous .5 fl oz bottle of Dream Angels Heavenly Eau de Parfum purse spray from Victoria’s Secret. Retail value: $29!

So how do you win this summer fun double prize?

Sign the Mr. Linky below and leave us a comment to let us know you’re entering! You must link back to us here at the Pinks & Blues Girls Blog by Friday, June 1st at 8 PM EST.

We will randomly pick a winner from the Mr. Linky list.

Take another look at what you could win – a total value of $164!

dooneyclose.jpeg vicsec.jpeg

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What a difference a week makes!

I now have my husband ASKING me if he will “make the blog” this week. And in such a way like a dog begging for a bone – he genuinely wants to be blogged about, it’s hilarious.

The past few weeks he has logged onto our blog not quite sure what to expect – it’s actually really funny (and let’s face it honey, you’re great material to write about!). His eyes and get all serious as he peruses the blog… and he always smiles to himself as he finishes.

And since he seems to think I don’t say enough of the good things he does, let me take this time on my soap box to let him know…

First off… he planned an amazing surprise party for me last night with my friends and family for my big 29! He prepared all the food… made 2 cakes with the boys (one chocolate, one vanilla)… and even cleaned the house from top to bottom (thank heavens!).

He’s the only one – hands down – who can pick out clothes for me. Crazy, huh!? But this is completely true. Even for my birthday – out of the 50 bikini choices at Target, Matt picked out the perfect one for me for my birthday… white and green striped. Exactly what I would have picked out. He even knows my jean brands… shoe brands… all my sizes… and that I don’t wear anything with a scoop neck!

He cuts coupons for me. Not that I use them, but the fact that he sits there – every Sunday – looking through the coupons, it always makes me smile. He sits there asking me what kind of razors I use… what shampoo and conditioner I’m into this week… if I am still eating Smart Start cereal, or is it Special K this week?… would I eat Dannon yogurt? And if yes, would I eat 10 of them (since we all know that’s how coupons work! Must buy 10 yogurts to get the discount).

He always takes the trash out – I love that! Never do I have to do that. And I have to say, once there are about 10 dirty diapers in that bin, I don’t know how he can take it out without dry heaving!

He actually used to watch Gilmore Girls with me. Yes, the banter between Loreli and Rory drove him crazy… but he still sat there and watched… knowing all about Stars Hollow and Luke and Emily Gilmore.

He lives 2 miles from my parents. Come on… I can just leave it at that!

He cooks. He sews. He gardens. He loves football. And does swimming lessons with the boys. He always stocks the fridge with Coors Light (when I’m not pregnant!). He notices when I get my hair done (very few and far between now, but nonetheles, still notices!). Even though I know it drives him crazy sometimes, he calls me all the time to “check-in” when he’s away on business so I know he’s okay.

He has given me the most beautiful 3 little boys. Helped create a gorgeous, warm home. And tells me he loves me with every chance he gets.

I know he could live without my excessive cell phone usage. My talking to my mother and sister about everything I do. My worrying about the boys over little things (well little in his mind!). My need to run the faucet for a good 30 seconds to make sure my water is as cold as it’s going to get (I love a good glass of ice ice cold water). My need to have the heat on 70 during the winter. And my need to read http://www.perezhilton.com… but sometimes I swear these are the things that make him love me more.

And so… (honey)… you made the blog this week, I hope you like it!

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Steph at Adventures in Babywearing has another great contest going on, this time for Cheeky Jewelry!

Go check it out!

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