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This is the fourth and a half installment of my 10 QUICK RULES FOR RAISING DAUGHTERS WHO WANT YOU IN THEIR LIVES AS KIDS, TEENAGERS and ADULTS. I began with Rule #1: Never criticize “the boyfriend.” Next came Rule #2: Never diminish a broken heart. Then Rule #3: Do not show up at Parents’ Night in slippers. And Rule #4: Get your daughter familiar with the three important words – Honest, Honesty and Honestly.

This next rule in the series is an addendum of sorts to Rule #4.


Please refer to RULE #4 for the “Honesty” quotient between Mom and Daughter.

But remember that when dealing with Daddy and Daughter, everything that applies to that rule is simply out the window.

Daddys adore their daughters. Daddys protect their daughters… feelings and otherwise. Daddys see immortality in their little girls.

How, then, can a Daddy possibly be honest when it comes to all girly things like hair, fashion, make-up? He can’t! He has no real sense for it.

When Daddy’s darling shows up at breakfast in the pink underwearless tutu, Red Sox shirt, Halloween socks, and Barbie slippers and is asked, “How do I look, Daddy?”… he answers, “Beautiful!”

Because she is!

Oh, he may glance at Mom with an, “Are you going to let her go out of the house in that?” query, but he truly, absolutely, positively thinks she looks beautiful.

When she gets into Mom’s lipstick and eye shadow and shimmery blush, she will look “beautiful!”

When she struts her stuff in Mom’s high heels and pearls, she will look even more “beautiful!”

When she watches the Miss America Pageant, she will be HIS Miss America… far more “beautiful” than all those other girls.

When her hair falls out of the perfect little ballet bun that Mom has spent hours fixing for the recital, she will be dazzlingly “beautiful.”

When she gets her hair cut like the latest celebrity, but it just doesn’t look celebrity-like, she will cry rivers and swear she will never leave the house, but to Daddy she is movie-star “beautiful” just the same.

And this is how daughters learn very early-on that Daddys never tell the truth about anything. Their love is unrealistically endearing.

It is perfectly unconditional.

It is blind amazement.

So when the teenage years hit, and she shows up at breakfast in her ultra-mini with a thong, three layers of braless ultra-soft T shirts, self-tanned legs, and 4-inch wedge sandals (ready to catch the bus during a brewing New England snowstorm) and asks, “How do I look, Daddy!?”… he has no recourse but to look to Mom for help.

She DOES tell the truth about everything.

Oh, he still thinks she looks “beautiful”… but remember that Daddy is the shepherd, not the shearer.

In his world, his daughter is beautiful. And that’s the truth!

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