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Wendy Irvine started Multiple Moms Rock after giving birth to her twin boys in 2003 and coming up empty in her search for a cute t-shirt that would celebrate raising twins. Then, after one horrifyingly long afternoon with her then toddlers, she thought, Why Can’t I Have a Time Out? and the Multiple Moms Rock t-shirt line was born! Wendy focuses on creating elegant, humorous sayings paired with cool designs and attractive colors for moms of twins, triplets and quads. And she has recently expanded her line to include t-shirts for Dads of multiples! Wendy lives in California with her husband, twin four-year-old boys and two dogs.

1.) Have you always been entrepreneurial?

I loved babysitting as a kid — not the babysitting part. . . the getting paid part. I quickly realized how much I made was up to me as long as I had an exhuberant attitude. At sixteen, I became a waitress and my parents were stunned to see me pulling wads of $1 and $5 bills out of my pockets after a shift. I was hooked. But I should also give credit to my grandfather who always worked for himself and owned a typewriter repair shop. Poor grandpa: Does anyone even remember what a typewriter is??

2.) What was the moment that you said to yourself “ah-ha….! I’m on to something here!”?
Wait a minute. . . was I supposed to say that? When sales started rolling in it definitely occurred to me that we had something fun, but when my picky-picky, highly critical sister in Tucsan bought one of my T’s for her girlfriend who has twins I thought, now if Shelley likes my shirts, they must be okay!

3.) Do you love what you do?
Not to sound corny, but I really, really do. The only downside is being pulled between loving my boys and loving this small business. I could easily pour sixty hours a week into my work. You might think: On T shirts? Yes, there’s many ways this business could expand big time. It looks like a T shirt business, but it’s really a business that shows appreciation for moms and dads (and soon grandmas) of twins, triplets and quads.

4.) On your journey to getting to TODAY, has the quest remained the same for you or does it change as you grow?
Definitely has changed as I’ve “grown” (in quotes because I’m not sure I’m growing as in “maturing” or just growing sillier). I once worked with a go-getter who claimed to have a five year plan and, at least for me, I couldn’t imagine having such a plan. It would feel like a straight-jacket to me and would actually impede creativity and growth. I like to roll with it (meaning life) and see what we can cook up.

5.) Best words of wisdom for anyone seeking their passion.
I get misty at this question because I think finding one’s passion in their work life is so critical to evolving as a person and having a life. Whether you’re rich or poor, if you don’t dig what you do, it must be pretty hard to get up in the morning. I’ve heard about people who have jillions of dollars and yet have nothing to do all day. It sounds fun for awhile, but eventually you’d feel useless and bored. Best words of widom: Make your own opportunities. Nobody gets discovered anymore — we have to discover and believe in ourselves.

Sun or Snow?

Coffee or Tea? Coffee.

Early Bird or Night Owl? I’m a nothing bird at the moment. With kids, I never seem to get enough sleep.

In the evenings… TV or Computer? Computer.

Fruit or Donut? Wellllll, I’ll be honest, donut.

Cell phone at night… On or Off? Off!

Heels or Flats? What are heels? Those things that you walk on that really kill?

Sweet, Salty or Sour? Sweet!

Are you renting… Romantic Comedies or Documentaries? I wish I was renting something, if I rent anything these days it’s a book.

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Both! I loved Green with Envy and The Glass Castle.

Remember that raising multiples takes serious endurance, folks! Give Mom (and now Dad!) something that says you know she’s (he’s!) doing a wonderful job. Rock on over to www.multiplemomsrock.com right now!

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