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Sizzling July days are upon us!


Cool down a bit with this exquisite Vera Bradley Nantucket Navy “Little Betsy” purse with matching Vera Bradley Nantucket Navy coin purse.

Toss in The Body Shop’s delightful summer favorite, Coconut Body Butter, to moisturize your delicious summer skin (courtesy of our favorite The Body Shop consultant, Sheena Williams).

… And we have ourselves a contest giveaway!

The Body Shop’s Coconut Butter (retail value – $17) is 6.9 oz. of coconut-y goodness for your body!

In their own words: Once you get over the indulgent tropical scent, slick this on and be transported all over again. Rich enough to tame the driest skins. Offers up to 24-hours non-stop moisturization. Community Trade shea and cocoa butters, plus softening extract of coconut oil.

The Vera Bradley Nantucket Navy “Little Betsy” purse (retail value – $59) comes with 6 inside pockets, an outside slip pocket, a sturdy base and a zip closure.

Its dimensions are: 11 3/4″ x 8″ x 3 1/4″ with 9 1/2″ Strap Drop

The Vera Bradley Nantucket Navy coin purse (retail value – $14) is perfect for the basic necessities – money, credit card, keys and lipstick.

Its dimensions are: 5 1/4″ x 4″

To enter this contest (retail value – $90!), simply link up to BOTH this The Body Shop/Vera Bradley contest and to Sheena’s The Body Shop Consultant siteon your blog.

Make sure you tell everyone about the fabulous products, promotions and sales you can find at Sheena’s The Body Shop site.

And leave us a comment… then we’ll randomly draw a winner from the comments section on Monday, July 9th at 8 PM EST… just in time to really let your summer sizzle!

**Contest Winner is Mama Zen! Thank you to all who entered!**

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It’s been 6 years!

Today is my 6 year Wedding Anniversary!

Ironically enough… as I write this it’s 11am, and that is the exact time our wedding started (so right about now I’m walking down the aisle to the most stunning man I have ever laid eyes on).

6 years… and it’s been the BEST 6 years of my life…

6 years… 4 different NYC apartments in that time… 3 different cars… 2, no 3 different hairstyles (and colors – I’m so not a looker as a chestnut brunette!)… a new home… the start of a business with my mother and sister!…

But most of all… 3 beautiful, happy and healthy boys!

I love you honey… Happy Anniversary and may there be tons and tons more!

(Kids are napping… off to make a beautiful lunch for my man!)

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#54Nadine from Just Being Me!

Congrats, Nadine!

And our favorite name of all the nominees is Playgroups Are No Place For Children, nominated by Sarah from In the Trenches of Mommyhood!

So, Nadine gets the bling… but we have a little gift for Sarah, too! 🙂

Ladies, please email us your shipping address at customerservice[at]pinksandblues[dot]com!

We have another giveaway (did someone say Vera Bradley and The Body Shop!?) coming up… it will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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We loaded the boys in the car last night at 6pm…

Fed them…

Brought our DVD player…

All 3 of them were FANTASTIC for the 5 hour ride from our house to Langhorne, PA…

FANTASTIC through the rain storm last night in NYC.

FANTASTIC through the thunder and lightening in New Jersey.

FANTASTIC through the traffic.

We get to our hotel at 11pm last night – completely EXCITED for a day of Sesame Street Place once everyone wakes up!!

And so… we wake up this morning to rain! Rain. Rain. Rain.

And some thunder.

The boys are (thank goodnes!) a little to young to be BUMMED… but Matt and I are!! We were looking forward to a day at Sesame Street!

Oh well… we’re not going to risk a day with 3 boys in the rain… and thunder!

Now we’re about to check out of this hotel and head-on to Pittsburgh to visit the in-laws…

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This first Throwback Thursday picture is from 1983, when we were vacationing on the Jersey Shore. Remember when you didn’t mind sitting IN the sand and being covered with it from head-to-toe? We were obviously still in that stage when this picture was taken!

This next photo is from 1985, and it was taken on our front porch. During the summer, sometimes we would eat breakfast on our front porch at our little “kids'” table! And yes, we were wearing matching outfits!

This last photo is from the 4th of July in 1999. At the time we were living in Bristol, RI, home to the longest continuously-running 4th of July Parade in the country! Bristol is the most patriotic little town, and if you’re ever in the area around the July 4th, you simply must go there for a fabulous experience!

We Throw It Back at Pinks & Blues every Thursday – a sort of
Pinks & Blues Girls: The Early Years photo book.

We post old pictures that make us laugh, reminisce, and – let’s face it – recall some questionable fashion choices!

Join in on the Throwback Thursday fun! And don’t forget to leave a comment so we can check out your Throwback Thursday photos on your site!

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The mom in this video obviously didn’t follow these rules!

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Just call this “Risky Business” – 24 years later!


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Guess what? The hilarious, entertaining, incomparable Toni thinks that we’re a…


Yes, there are three of us, so it’s technically “girls,” but keep in mind that we spent 18 years living under the same roof. We’re used to sharing!

So now we are to pass along the honor to 5 other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers of our choosing!

Ready for it? Here you go…

1) Chrissy from Life On Manitoulin – Chrissy went from city girl (Toronto) to country girl (Manitoulin Island) when she married her sweet, loving husband. Chrissy is one of the most caring, genuine, kind people we have ever “met” (we’re blogging friends, after all!), and we look forward to actually meeting her in person one day!

2) Louann from 3 Boys and A Lady – Louann is a young Mommy to two boys in the Phillippines. She has a great, positive outlook on life, and writes candidly and passionately about her late parents.

3) Dawn from Coming to a Nursery Near You – Dawn is a really cool and talented homeschooling Mommy to three kids. She can also whip up a mean graphic, like the one she designed for our Throwback Thursdays!

4) Steph from Adventures in Babywearing – How could we not love a fellow Mommy to three boys!? But beyond that, Steph has a fantastic blog, where the love she has for her family is shown every single day. Plus, Steph hosts fabulous contests like, every day!

5) Stacey from JameeForever – Stacey is that cool, fun friend that you just always want to be around. There’s just got to be a lot of laughter in her home. But there’s also a serious side to Stacey’s blog… it’s named after her sister Jamee, who passed away in 2002. The love she and Jamee shared is evident, and the light that Stacey exudes is radiant!

OK, you rockin’ girls… go spread the love to 5 other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers!

And keep rockin’ on!

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Before I start with the differences, let me preface with this – I know it seems like I only post about going to the pool now, but it’s summertime, it’s hot, and there are little ones to entertain. So the pool is basically my life right now!

OK, on to the observations I made today while Audrey and I packed the boys up to bring them to the pool club.

Today was the first day Audrey and I brought the three boys to the club by ourselves.

The boys were getting a little rambunctious as we finished up our Pinks & Blues work this morning. Audrey and I looked at each other at about the same time and said, “It’s time to go to the pool.”

I wanted to put a sign on the back of Audrey’s car: The Kiddie Pool Or Bust!

Usually Audrey and Mom take the boys to the pool in one car, and I’ll meet them there in my own car.

Then there are three of us there, and the boys don’t outnumber the adults.

But today Mom had to run some errands with our grandmother, so I helped Audrey get everything together.

I’m used to packing light. When I travel – to the beach, to the pool, on vacation – it is just me and my husband, after all.

So when I go to the club, as long as I have my bathing suit, a towel, sunglasses, sunblock, a book, and a chair, I am good to go.

And now I know, as anyone who has ever had to pack for an outing with kids knows, packing up the little ones is just a bit more complicated than that.

“Should I bring my own chair, or do you have two?” I asked Audrey.

She looked at me incredulously: “I don’t think you’re going to be sitting all that much.”

Me: “I already packed sunblock, so don’t worry about bringing any.”

Audrey: “Is it SPF 50?”

Me: “No, 15.”

Before she could even answer, I knew my low-SPF sunblock wouldn’t cut it, and I was off to fetch the Water Babies sunblock from her bathroom.

Then I saw the most recent US Magazine on Audrey’s counter. “Do you mind if I bring this with me?”

“Sure…” Audrey’s voiced trailed off.

Me: “If you’re not done with it yet, I’ll just get it some other time.”

Audrey: “No, you can take it, but I doubt you’ll get a chance to read it at the pool.”

(I did take it, but she was right… it didn’t leave my bag the whole time.)

Me: “OK, so we’re all set to go, right? We’ve got the boys’ bathing suits, towels, sunblock and sandals. I’ll just grab a tote bag and throw everything in.”

Audrey: “We just need a few more things… For William and Alex – swim diapers, regular diapers to put them in after they swim, pool toys, shorts for them to change into, socks and sippy cups. And formula, an extra bottle and binkies for Benjamin.”

Me: “I’ll grab three tote bags.”

Finally, with all three tote bags filled with necessities, our own pocketbooks, the three boys, and a stroller, we were en route.

Audrey and I were hungry, so we stopped for some sandwiches to go. Audrey started eating hers in the car, but I didn’t want to eat while driving, so I told her I’d just eat mine once we got to the club.

Before she opened her mouth, I had rethought that statement. There would be no sitting down for a relaxing lunch at the club.

And so, I ate on the go.

Boy, did I learn what it’s like to go to the pool like a Mommy today!

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While some guys pride themselves on being chick magnets – whether it’s because they drive a hot car, have a hot body, have a great personality (ha!), or (more than likely) simply make a lot of money – I have the distinct honor of being another sort of magnet.

Yes, in my attempt at being the fun Auntie in the kiddie pool with Audrey’s boys at the pool club, I have inadvertently gained a cult following among the 3-feet-and-under set.

I have become a kid magnet.

More specifically, an other-peoples’-kids magnet.

It is quite ironic, given that I have no human kids of my own (my four-legged kids are only allowed in the doggy pool at my house!).

But as soon as I step foot in the “piss pool,” as my husband calls it, I become somewhat of a pied piper of children.

Perhaps it’s because I’m usually the only adult in the kiddie pool at all (do the mothers barely submerging their toes in the water know something I don’t?).

Perhaps they mistake me for one of their own because of my girlish figure (ha! – unlikely!).

Perhaps it’s the fact that I simply give them the time of day when they ask me to fetch a toy that has found its way into the drain filter.

Whatever it is, I just can’t escape my role of “Auntie to All.”

Just the other day, while I tried to split my time between William (“chase me, Auntie Janie!”) and Alex (“no dunk!” after he accidentally dunked himself), I also had to contend with any or all of the following at the same time:

– My new 4-year-old friend Abigail stealing my yellow pail, only to turn on me and use the pail to splash water on me (mind you, her father watched the whole time and kind of creeped me out)

– My new 5-year-old friend Zach begging me to pour water on his head with a toy watering can (whatever floats your boat, kid!)

– My new name-unknown friend of about 4 years asking me to get rid of the bugs in the water (sorry kid, not in the job description)

– The little boy (parents’ whereabouts unknown) whose white beach hat had blown away, crying to me to, “Get hat! Get hat!” (which I did because, I repeat, parents’ whereabouts unknown!)

Look, we all have our callings.

Did I expect that mine would entail endless hours of kiddies, sun, games, pool toys, water hoses – and disturbingly warm kiddie pool water? Not really.

But I just roll with the punches.

I’m a kid magnet. It’s my hook. It’s my milieu.

So now I’m off to the pool club. Need to find me?

Just follow your kids!

**Don’t forget to enter our Summer Bling! contest!
**And congrats to Jennifer M., who is the winner of our Once Upon a Family Love Notes box contest!

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