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Remember pigtails? I don’t see many little girls with this ‘do anymore. I love how our bangs started at the top of our heads! This is me (Jane) and Audrey on the Disney World Monorail in 1984.

Not sure what’s going on in this picture… there seems to be a rather large piece of Swiss cheese around my neck, and Audrey is taking delight in being the one to put it there! We were strange little girls! This was taken in either 1984 or 1985.

This is the four Couto kids (left to right, Jane, Audrey, Keith, Adam) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in June of 1992. This was our last family vacation with just the six immediate family members. Keith and Adam were in college, so their girlfriends would start joining us on the family vacations soon afterwards. Now a family vacation for the Coutos (including husbands, wives and children) involves 17 people!

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