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Who, me?

I’m not sure I want to smile…

Oh Mommy, you make me laugh!

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Yes, you can play baseball in high heels.

I promise.

As a child, we used to have massive whiffle ball games in our backyard. It was always me, Jane, my 2 brothers, my parents and any neighbors who were available to play.

The games were low-key, but could get very competitive. Very hard-core (yes, even for a 6-year-old little girl). And they were always so much fun!

One thing I love most about it was that my mother always always played. No other mothers in the neighborhood played.

Those were truly some of the defining moments in my childhood, when I looked at my mom and thought to myself, “She’s so cool!”

Oftentimes she would play in her favorite while mule espadrilles. Looking fashionable while staying sporty.

So about a month ago my parents bought William and Alexander their first baseball bat and ball. A nice Nerf set so that we could teach them how to hit a line drive and throw a mean curve ball (OK, that may take a couple of years!).

One recent afternoon right after the 4th of July, Jane, my mother and I had a business meeting with a local vendor. So as I was showering and getting dressed upstairs, Matt had taken the boys out front to play.

I could hear laughing and giggling from my bedroom, so I peeked outside to see what was going on.

Well, it was baseball practice.

Matt had bases set up. Each of the boys had their gloves on.

And Matt was “hitting” balls for the them to get and throw back to him.

My heart melted.

So I screamed down “Go Red Sox!”… and the boys looked up.

And then I got the request, “Mommy, you want to play too?” from my William.

And believe me ladies, there was a second of hesitation. There I was – make-up on, hair straightened, rocking the sundress and high heels, and I was contemplating painting my toes and nails…

Not to mention my mother would be picking me up in 30 minutes.

But I thought to myself, “This is one of those times where I can show my boys that Mommy not only loves baseball, but she can play dressed up, dressed down, in flip flops, in high heels, or (as was the case) in full blown make-up and hair mode.”

And so, I ran down the stairs, opened the front door… got myself behind that home plate and started hitting baseballs to my boys.

In high heels.

And I remembered back my mother playing with us in the backyard growing up. And her playing whiffle ball in her mules while Jane and I cheered from the swing set as she ran the bases.

I remembered her throwing footballs. And playing volleyball. And just loving it all.

And she’s a girly-girl too!

And so it’s moments like that one in my yard, playing baseball with my boys, when I look at my 4 men and think to myself, “Can life get any better than this!?”

I may not be painting nails, or playing Barbie, or dashing off to dance class, or braiding hair, or making a princess outfit (yet!!)…

I’m raising boys… but I’m still a girly-girl at heart.

I love that my boys know I’m the type of Mommy who can get down and dirty in a baseball game – even with heels on!

I love hearing them cheer me on as I run the bases in my Jimmy Choos!

So, yes… you can play baseball in high heels.

I promise.


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