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Remembering Bismarck


Three weeks have passed since we lost our beloved Bismarck, and the heartache is still fresh.

Steve and I have so very much appreciated all the kindness, concern and thoughtfulness of everyone around us – family, friends, neighbors, fellow bloggers – even complete strangers. (more…)


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For the last 2 weeks William has been afraid of the dark.

It breaks my heart because I remember being little and being terrified of the dark… so much so that my parents used to leave our bathroom light on (which was right next to my bedroom) all night. (more…)

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Dinner for One


This past week I spent three days staying with Audrey at her home while her husband was out of town.

With three boys all under 3, Audrey appreciates the extra hands with meals, baths (Alexander calls them “tubbies”), and bedtime. (more…)

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