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I’m seriously beginning to wonder who all these people are.  And why they are watching me.

First it’s all the people in the all-you-can-eat-chicken restaurant.  You know, with me wearing jeans and all.

Now it’s all the people who are watching me get out of my truck.

I know this because both my mother-in-law and my mom are telling me so. (more…)


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Talking Tubes!

Alexander was just diagnosed with his 8th ear infection since May.

His pediatrician is “talking tubes”…

Anyone have any suggestions, stories, comments, problems that you could share with me while I try to do some research on my own?

– Audrey

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Dad, Me and Mom at my high school graduation

“Who’s gonna take it best?”

Growing up, that’s the question I would ask myself when I had to break some bad news to Mom and Dad.

I would assess the situation at hand, decide who would take it easier on me, and go from there. (more…)

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