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To my sweet Alexander,

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!


Today you are 2 years old. It’s absolutely crazy to me that you are now 2 years old. I remember when William turned 2 last year I couldn’t help thinking what a BIG boy he was, and now that’s YOU!

My darling Alexander you are 2 years old today. And yes, you are a BIG BOY.

From day one, you have been the happiest little man in the world. You came into this world smiling, and there hasn’t been one day where you haven’t had the million dollar smile from ear to ear.

You were the easiest baby in the world. You just came into this world… and as we still joke about you, from day one I said to Daddy… his motto seems to be “I’m just happy to be here.”

You are delightful. And funny. Oh… so funny. I joke with Daddy that you may just be my daredevil. To see you standing on the back of the couch and free-falling forward and laughing the whole way while I SCREAM IN HORROR… I can only imagine that when you’re in your 20’s I’ll be getting calls from you from some remote region of the world telling me that you won’t be reachable by phone for a couple of weeks because you’ll be hiking some mountain.

Geez… that’s about enough to put me in the hospital now!

Oh Alexander… my Alex, Ally, Zandie… I love you more than anything in this world. You have enhanced my life in so so so so many ways. You have added adventure and delight and laughter to our family – in so many ways. You absolutely adore your big brother and just gush over little Benjamin. It just warms my heart.

People call you a little ball of energy… the big kahuna… the life of the party… I call you my darling angel boy. Who was wanted so very very very much. I started trying to get pregnant with you 3 months after William was born… I knew a special little boy was coming to us, I felt it in my bones. And there you came, 2 years ago today… at 10:14pm.

I was head over heels from the start.

And so my darling… I hope and wish for you that this next year brings nothing but love and happiness and more and more laughter. I hope you get to make more and more friends. And that you continue to love Diego and Dora. And most of all, that we continue our dancing parties every night!

Love you tons,




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I just got off the phone with Audrey’s middle guy Alexander. I had called to wish him a Happy Birthday, but before I could even get those words out, he had announced, “Janie, it’s my birt-day! I two!”

That little guy never fails at bringing a smile to my face. (more…)

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This Throwback Thursday we’re only throwing it back a few years – to 2004 and 2005. This is a special week for our family because three years ago, September 25, 2004, Audrey gave birth her first son William… and then one year and three days later, on September 28, 2005, she had her second son Alexander.

So we’re throwing it back to this week three and two years ago, respectively.

William’s arrival, in his own words:

What’s all the fuss, guys?

Oh, you’re here to see me!

I think I detect a couple of suckers for cuteness here… I’m making a mental note of that.

Grandma and Grandpa are so outnumbered. They will be wrapped around our little fingers.

Alexander’s arrival, in his own words:

Anyone wanna help a brother out with a nipple?

All I gotta say is, when I wake up there better be some of that left for me.

Yes, William… I am real and I am here to stay!

Daddy, take a message for me. I’ve had a rough day.

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Alex: Thrillin’
Audrey: Chillin’
William: Terrified
Matt: Overjoyed

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My sweet William…

Today you turned 3 years old. 3 years old! My goodness, where has the time gone? I still remember being pregnant with you… and anxiously awaiting you to come to Daddy and me. I remember sitting every night in September wondering if tonight would be the night… and never did I imagine you would actually come on your DUE DATE of September 25th, 2004.

I always dreamed big dreams for you when I was pregnant. I dreamed of a healthy beautiful little boy. I could never have imagined just how beautiful you turned out to be. Sometimes when I look into your eyes, I almost cry at the amount of love I have for you.

I feel so blessed to have you as my son. I feel I truly am beyond lucky. When I see you with Daddy and your brothers… my heart melts. You are so patient and so kind and so funny, even at the young age of 3. I know it’s funny to say this, but you have an old soul. You have a tremendous amount of compassion and wisdom… even today, as you told me in the car on your very first day of school, “Don’t be nervous about me Mommy, I will be fine.” I didn’t even know you “knew” I was nervous. I had been trying ALL morning to make sure you DIDN’T know I was nervous!

I love how you kiss the phone when you say goodbye to somebody and always say “I love you.” No matter who it is. I love that I have given you 2 brothers, something I only dreamed for you 3 years ago today! I will never forget you seeing Benjamin for the first time and saying to me, “Mommy, he’s so cute!” Those are the moments you remember forever. Those are the precious moments in time.

And so… as you embark on this 3rd year of your life… I dream for you to keep being the happy, beautiful, smart, funny little man that you are. I want you to keep loving books and trucks and trains. I want you to love cars and the game “Guess Who”… and I want you to keep loving to be with your brothers and Mommy and Daddy… and all the rest of your family.

I love you my William. My sweet William. Who I would fight lions and tigers and bears for. Who I would swim the deepest oceans for and climb the highest mountains for. Who I would do anything in this world for simply because I love you.

Thank you for being my son.

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Three years ago today I sat in the waiting area on the maternity floor of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Audrey was in labor with William, ready to become a mother for the first time.

Even though she she is my big sister, Audrey is littler than me. At 5’1″ and weighing in around 110 lbs. (when she’s not carrying a baby!), even at 9 months pregnant she was still tiny, and I worried about how she was going to squeeze a big baby from her little body. (more…)

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Blog Stuff

Happy Monday! Jane here. A couple things to go over…

  • I posted over at New England Mamas today about my unwillingness to say “no” to my adorable nephews (I know, I know, I’m bad and it’s against everything I always said I would do as an auntie), and how it all relates to those ubiquitous claw machines.
    New England Mamas
  • You know how cool it is when people make you smile? Well, it turns out that people who make us smile, smile at us, too! How cool is that? BlondeBlogger, Nadine and Momof3 have all given us the You Make Me Smile award. Thank you for the honor, ladies!
  • Taylor’s Baby has started their 3rd annual fundraiser to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Now through October 31st they are donating 10% of all sales on pink items to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    In addition, Taylor’s Baby will offer Pinks & Blues readers $5 off their purchase of $50 or more with coupon code FreeGift (case sensitive) and donate 10% of the sale to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of Vikki Berkowitz and Theresa La Grutta.

    Check out these pink items and many more:

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