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Researching and writing our Pinks & Blues feature recommendation for Hanes, which appears today in the lucky kid category of our Pinks & Blues website, reminded me of a lucky kid day in my life. A day a long time ago. Here goes. (more…)


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Vicki Iovine is the author of the candidly frank and hilarious The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy, recently released in its second edition. I (Audrey) literally used this as my go-to guide while I was pregnant with all three of my boys (and I will be referring to it again if I have a fourth!).

Today, Vicki shares with us her advice, her future writing plans, and how Hanes has actually helped make her life as a lucky mama that much easier!

Pinks & Blues Girls: What have you been working on recently?

Vicki Iovine: I’m writing The Girlfriends’ Guide to Teenagers for release sometime in late 2008. I’m also very excited to announce that I launched my very first website in late August, Girlfriendsguide.com.

P&B Girls: How has Hanes made your life as a mom easier?

VI: Hanes is the go-to brand for my girlfriends and me because they have comfortable and stylish clothes for everyone in our family, especially the kids. With Hanes, you know you’re getting the quality we moms demand and the age-appropriate style kids love. Their new site is a mom’s dream – everything my kids need and want, all on one, easy-to-use site; no manual necessary!

P&B Girls: What makes Hanes stand out from other brands?

VI: Hanes is the ultimate in comfort. I also love the absence of obvious logos and slogans that “brand” my kids and me. And best of all, affordable quality—we have been passing Hanes products down from kid to kid for years and now my daughters are stealing mine.

P&B Girls: What are some of your favorite pieces of clothing? For your kids?

VI: The Hanes hoodies are family faves, and I buy the tees, short socks and boxers by the case for my two teenaged boys and my teen-at-heart husband. Basically, anything with Hanes’ super-soft ComfortSoft waistband is a green light for all the kids.

P&B Girls: What’s the best parenting advice you’ve received?

VI: Less Is More. I have learned how true this is after nearly 20 years of parenting. Too much interference in my children’s lives exhausts me and smothers them, so it’s up to me to find a good balance of parental guidance. I’m inclined to lightly steer them in the right direction in hopes that the decisions they make will be wise ones. Trust me, though, if anyone needs stitches or breaks the lock to the wine cellar, I am more than prepared to jump in like an avenging angel.

P&B Girls: How does Hanes.com help with Back-to-School shopping?

VI: The new and improved Hanes.com/kids website is an absolute life-saver when it comes to back-to-school shopping. From books to backpacks, I’m all over the place. But, when it comes to clothes, everything my kids need and want to wear is found in one place; no long lines or endless mall labyrinths. The site is easy-to-navigate and is designed especially for us moms, offering tips on how to get organized and make shopping for kids stress-free.

P&B Girls: What is a ‘hot’ topic that moms are talking about right now?

VI: For moms with young kids, it’s Fear Our Kids Will Only Eat Chicken Nuggets Forever; Fear Our Children Won’t Get Into a Good Pre-School; Fear They Will Get Into The Right Pre-School and We Won’t Be Able to Afford It

P&B Girls: How important is the Internet in parenting?

VI: I think moms are progressively turning to the Internet as a crucial tool in not only communicating with each other, but also learning more about how we can be better parents. We’re sharing more and more with each other and learning more as a result via online chat rooms, articles, etc. The Internet is also such a fun and easy resource!

P&B Girls: What are some of your favorite things about the new and improved Hanes website for Kids?

VI: I love that Hanes.com/kids not only offers tips on how to make shopping and staying organized easier, but it also features a number of fun craft ideas I can’t wait to test out!

Read Vicki’s “Back To School” article (and her full bio) at Hanes.com

**And don’t forget to enter our Hanes Kids Back To School Giveaway!**

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Today’s Throwback Thursday will be a little shorter than usual (and yes, I got a late start on it). We’ve been SUPER busy around the Pinks & Blues Girls offices (*ahem* doesn’t that make us sound important?) and I didn’t even get a chance to scan any pictures. So a photo of a photo is going to have to do for today’s post, got it!?

And by the way, how cool is that new Throwback Thursday button (above) that Dawn made for us? Click on it (it’ll be on our sidebar) and it will bring you directly to previous Throwback Thursday posts. Let’s hear it for cool friends!

OK, on to the picture… this was taken back in 1993 at my uncle’s wedding. From left to right it’s me (Jane), my now-sister-in-law Aimee (she was my brother’s girlfriend back then!), Audrey and our brother Adam.


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