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Bluetooth bothers me. There, I said it.

And it’s not just because the name reminds me of bad dental hygiene.

It’s more than that.


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Today’s date will forever be emblazoned in our minds.


Six years ago our lives changed forever. And this world hasn’t been the same since.

My husband and I had just moved out of New York City back to RI in August 2001, exactly a month before 9/11 took place. (more…)

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We’d like to thank the Academy

We have been awarded with three very wonderful awards recently for which we have not yet given proper thanks. How rude of us!

Thanks to our bud GiGi(!) at Girl Gone Wild for this “I love your blog” award. We love yours, too!

The fun, clever and amazingly talented Jen at Absolutely Bananas for the “Big Fat Wet Kiss” award (she created herself!). Right back atcha!

And Janice at Twist & Skewer, Eve at Good Is Enough and Karen at PediaScribe for the “Nice Matters” award! You’re so, well… nice!

Also, please go check out our friend BlondeBlogger’s new review site. We promise it’s cool – just like her!

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