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(You can find Lessons #1 through 7 in the 10 QUICK RULES FOR RAISING DAUGHTERS WHO WANT YOU IN THEIR LIVES AS KIDS, TEENAGERS and ADULTS series here.)


“Jane, you ignorant slut.”

Something I say often and emphatically to my daughter, Jane. And I’ve been saying it for years.


Because it’s funny. (more…)


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Should I double up?

I have blogged about William being terrified of the dark before.

And I wish I could report back that it has gotten better, but… if anything, it’s a bit worse.

We still put William down around 8 PM. We still keep the bathroom light on. Still keep the hall light on. Still keep his fish tank light on. And yes, we still get the “Mommy” and “Daddy” screams about 1500 15 times before he finally falls asleep around 11 PM.

No joke, 11 PM. Watch my face – 😯 (more…)

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Kissy, kissy! I (Jane) found these two cute pictures of Mom and I showin’ the love.

This first one is from the summer of 1983, on the back deck of my childhood home. I am loving that little jumper I have on. I wonder if I can get one in my size now.


This picture was taken in the fall of 1984, also in the backyard of my childhood home (you can see I was holding on to the swingset).  If only I could still get my hair to be that blonde naturally!


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