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To my sweet Alexander,

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!


Today you are 2 years old. It’s absolutely crazy to me that you are now 2 years old. I remember when William turned 2 last year I couldn’t help thinking what a BIG boy he was, and now that’s YOU!

My darling Alexander you are 2 years old today. And yes, you are a BIG BOY.

From day one, you have been the happiest little man in the world. You came into this world smiling, and there hasn’t been one day where you haven’t had the million dollar smile from ear to ear.

You were the easiest baby in the world. You just came into this world… and as we still joke about you, from day one I said to Daddy… his motto seems to be “I’m just happy to be here.”

You are delightful. And funny. Oh… so funny. I joke with Daddy that you may just be my daredevil. To see you standing on the back of the couch and free-falling forward and laughing the whole way while I SCREAM IN HORROR… I can only imagine that when you’re in your 20’s I’ll be getting calls from you from some remote region of the world telling me that you won’t be reachable by phone for a couple of weeks because you’ll be hiking some mountain.

Geez… that’s about enough to put me in the hospital now!

Oh Alexander… my Alex, Ally, Zandie… I love you more than anything in this world. You have enhanced my life in so so so so many ways. You have added adventure and delight and laughter to our family – in so many ways. You absolutely adore your big brother and just gush over little Benjamin. It just warms my heart.

People call you a little ball of energy… the big kahuna… the life of the party… I call you my darling angel boy. Who was wanted so very very very much. I started trying to get pregnant with you 3 months after William was born… I knew a special little boy was coming to us, I felt it in my bones. And there you came, 2 years ago today… at 10:14pm.

I was head over heels from the start.

And so my darling… I hope and wish for you that this next year brings nothing but love and happiness and more and more laughter. I hope you get to make more and more friends. And that you continue to love Diego and Dora. And most of all, that we continue our dancing parties every night!

Love you tons,




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I just got off the phone with Audrey’s middle guy Alexander. I had called to wish him a Happy Birthday, but before I could even get those words out, he had announced, “Janie, it’s my birt-day! I two!”

That little guy never fails at bringing a smile to my face. (more…)

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