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This Fall in New England has been incredibly glorious.

Warm. The toasty kind of warm, like warming cold hands over a marshmallow fire.

Blue. As in the sky. I have never seen so much keen, clean, brilliant blue than the daytime skies of this Fall.

Ribbons of purples and pinks. The clouds each evening as the brilliant blue of day hints into the darkness of night.

Moonshine. Not the drinking kind (not until it gets a wee bit colder!). But the beams of light shining on Earth from the multiple Moon phases in the night skies.

Scarlet. Ruby. Flax. Goldenrod. Persimmon. Amber.

Yes, leaves. Thousands of them. New ones each day. Lingering just a little longer, soaking in the sun’s magnificence.

And, oh yeah. Men in short shorts.

No, not Men in Trees.

Men in short shorts.

I have never seen so many men (older ones, at that) in such short shorts than during this New England Fall.

Men running in parks, on sidewalks, at the beach, on bike and footpaths… wearing micro-mini short shorts.

And by “short” I mean I-hate-to-stare-too-long-because-I-might-actually-see-“the package”-make-an-appearance short.

Or worse yet, some slippage.

Come on, guys. I know it has been downright balmy. But must you?

Perhaps this is a reaction to women who run in their tight leggings. Skimpy sports bras. Lots of skin and lots of glistening sweat.

But meat-locker short shorts? And silk, no less?

I might soon be hunkering for a good ol’ Nor’easter, just to clear my brain.

And the short shorts from the scene.

– Sharon


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Can’t a kid be cute without having a camera stuck in his face?


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Don’t forget to check out smart mama today (and every day, for that matter)!

Sandra from Tittyology (and our personal gal pal) is blogging about one of our smart mama topics, health issues. Specifically, ta-tas!


There’s also a really cool new site called Prizey. It’s a directory of online giveaways and contests and it includes our own Mama Loves Giveaways contests! So check it out!

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Thank you to everyone who emailed me or commented on my blog to see how Alexander was doing regarding his heart appointment.

Words cannot describe.

Just to tell you what had happened…

On Sept. 18th I took Alexander to his pediatrician for his 2 year-old annual appointment.

I knew Alexander had a heart murmur. They had told me when he was pretty young that he had one, but that it was an innocent one.

But still… as a mother… you worry. And so, at every appointment I always had them check it to see if it still sounded innocent.

At his annual, the doctor said it sounded a little less than innocent. And since he’s from the mindset that you should check everything, he had me make an appointment with a Pediatric Cardiologist.

The soonest appointment I could get was Oct. 9th. I don’t know how we did it, but we were actually able to wait till the 9th to get it checked.

Upon going in they did an EKG on Alexander and a few other tests… blood pressure, weight, height, etc. He did awesome!

He’s such a funny kid that he could make you smile anytime. He’s just hilarious.

So then we were brought to the doctor’s actual exam room and he listened to Alexander’s heart for about 20 minutes. Different spots. Different time intervals.

It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. (And I thought waiting 9 months was long!)

Finally he took a step back from Alexander, looked at Matt and I and said, “I don’t hear anything but a very innocent murmur.”

Music to our ears, right?

But then he says to us, “But his EKG came back abnormal. Which I think is due to the bone over his heart. It protrudes out, which may have caused the EKG to come back abnormal.”

Ugh… you know when your heart just starts beating real fast and you start sweating? Insert that ALL right there.

So he had us go down the hall for a heart sonogram.

30 minutes later that was done.

And the doctor told us all looked great. Nothing alarming.

The only thing they saw was a small hole in one of his upper chambers. He said all babies are born with that, but it usually seals up by the time they are 2 years old.

Alexander’s didn’t.

So he said that he will keep an eye on him, but that thousands upon thousands of children have this. So that made us feel better.

He “suggested” that Alexander shouldn’t go scuba diving or fly in a small plane (due to unpressurized cabins) until he sees him again in 3 years.

Poor guy, looks like he’ll have to cancel his plans to Fiji.

But in all seriousness, thank you to everyone who checked in on us. I appreciate it more than I can express in a blog post.

– Audrey

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The gagging continues…

Someone in Gum Wrapper Land has it out for me, for sure.

As if facing my gum wrapper fear head-on wasn’t bad enough, now that I’ve blogged about it I can’t escape it.

I was innocently browsing the Internet search terms that bring people to our blog.

And that’s when I saw it:

Is it safe to eat the wrapper on Orbit gum?


(*Closing my eyes, covering my ears and shaking my head wildly*)

No! No! No!

Gum wrappers are bad enough. But gum wrappers in your mouth!?

The thought is enough to make me feel the need to take a shower. Seriously.

(OK, I’m off to find the Yellow Pages. A call to a therapist is necessary, right?)

– Jane

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