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Being the baby of the family certainly has its perks.

As the youngest of my four siblings, my family just kind of accepts (or has become resigned to) the fact that I’m forgetful, always running late and a serious procrastinator. And they pick up the slack for me because, well… I’m the baby.

With that being said, it can also go the other way. As in, sometimes I’m still not treated like an adult a little overprotected.

OK, so maybe I’ve been driving around with only one headlight for a few weeks.

And maybe Mom and Dad have made me promise suggested a few times that I get it fixed.

(Hey, I’m the baby. Shouldn’t this stuff get done for me!?)

In any case, yesterday I did something that brought great shame and disappointment to the parents who I would not put it past to have implanted a tracking device in me as a teenager:

I forgot my cell phone at home.

This meant that after having dinner with my parents last night (my husband Steve was at parent-teacher night at his school), I had to make the 15 minute drive back to my house with only one headlight – and no cell phone!

I know, I know – Stop. The. Presses!

So, this was my conversation with my parents when they became aware of this horrifying scenario.

Mom: I can’t believe you don’t have your phone on you!

Me: It’s not the end of the world. I’ll call you as soon as I get home.

Mom: What if you get stopped by the police?

Me: How would me having or not having my cell phone affect that whatsoever?

Mom: The cop could take your car away and leave you stranded!

Me: I highly doubt the cop would take my car away because it’s missing a headlight. And even if he did, do you really think he’d just leave me there to fend for myself without a car or a way to call someone?

Mom (ignoring my rational question): I can just picture you standing alone on the side of the road with your dogs – and no cell phone!

Dad’s turn to chime in:

Dad: Well, what route are you going to take home?

Me: Why?

Dad: If we don’t hear from you within a half hour, we’ll come looking for you.

You see what happens when there’s no one younger than you for your parents to go police interrogation, Law & Order-style on?

And while Audrey is usually my go-to person when I’m looking for sympathy only a sibling could provide, she is no use in a situation like this. She’s just as bad as my parents when it comes to overprotecting me.

Still, I have the ability now, as an almost-27-year-old, to look at this differently than I would have as a teenager. My parents aren’t trying to ruin run my life, as I once would have thought. (Yes, even though I’ve always had a fabulous relationship with my parents, I was an angst-ridden teenager at one point.)

They love me. They care about me. And when it comes down to it, I would gladly humor them, as overprotective as they may be, any day rather than have parents who could care less about my whereabouts – or my lack of cell phone and/or headlight.

*I’m looking forward to hearing Mom’s and/or Dad’s side of this story, too!

– Jane


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Even though Halloween hasn’t even happened yet… here are 10 reasons I already know Christmas isn’t far behind:

1) I actually heard “Up On The Housetop” on the radio this weekend. Yes, this weekend.

2) There are Christmas decoration/tree displays at Home Depot and Target already.

3) There is “Mailbox to Santa” up already at one of our local markets.

4) My son’s teachers have asked all the parents if the kids will be out the week before Christmas.

5) I overheard a woman (and I’m a culprit too) telling her two girls at the mall on Monday that if they didn’t stop fighting she would “Call Santa.”

6) My husband has broken out our holiday lights (and let me note, he never took down the lights from our roof since last year… we’re THAT Christmas Vacation family!).

7) Our family is already trying to decide if we should just do Secret Santa with each other for gifts this year, or just buy the kids gifts.

8 ) We have our Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets (actually, we had to order them last February…)

9) My sister and I are already racking our brains as to what to get Nana and Grandma for Christmas.

10) We already got an invitation to a Holiday party. Yes, for December 8th.

– Audrey

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Happy Throwback Thursday! This is a picture of the family from 1985. I (Jane) love it because you can tell my brothers, Keith (far left) and Adam, were at that age where it wasn’t “cool” to smile in family photos. Oh, and I also love mom’s choice of turtleneck under the sweater. That was definitely an 80’s look. Audrey just looks cute. Dad’s happy to have the whole family together in a picture. And I was at the age where it was still acceptable to think of my Cabbage Patch Kid as a part of the family!


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