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Benjamin being silly… (your cute and standard WW fare)


And this one’s for Steph, who wanted to see a picture of Jane’s “birthday Louis”… (do you think she likes it?)


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The guy behind this very sweet face has one very bad habit.

Seth is a chewer.

Or rather, I should more accurately say, a destroyer of most things he can get his teeth into.

I have a shelf of toys that I’ve had to take away from him (the ones that have been salvageable, at least) because he’s started to destroy them.

Exhibit A:

And his penchant for eating things he’s not supposed to eat extends to food, as well.

Ryder just doesn’t eat things she’s not supposed to eat. Neither did Bismarck.

We could have put a freshly cooked Thanksgiving turkey on the counter and left Rydie and Bizzy alone in the house, and we would have come back to find it untouched.

Seth, on the other hand, will go after anything and everything as soon as you turn your back.

A few weeks ago, we came home from a 15 minute excursion to find Steve’s previously half eaten pizza (left on the counter) 100% gone.

We have also come home to find a bag of take-out leftovers – including minestrone soup, chicken fingers and a piece of carrot cake – completely eaten.

I thought we had learned our lesson. And last night, when Steve and I had to leave the house for about 20 minutes, we said to each other, “Is there any potential food he could get his teeth into?”

We checked the counters, the coffee table, the dining room and kitchen tables, the trash can. And we were confident that we were all set to leave.

But on the way back home, I had a sudden thought. Those 10 Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bars that Audrey’s boys had given me for my birthday?

Eight of them were in a box at the bottom of a bag – on the floor of our kitchen.


We rushed home and as soon as I walked through the door, I saw the remnants of the Luna Bar box and wrappers all over the kitchen.

Exhibit B:

I only picked up three unopened Luna Bars. That meant that five had been eaten.

I was more mad at myself than anything else. As any dog owner knows, chocolate is one of the worst things dogs can eat. I couldn’t believe I had been so irresponsible, even if it was a total accident.

The first thing I did was read and re-read the ingredients on the back of the bars. I opened one of the uneaten bars and examined just how much chocolate we were looking at per bar.

Then I went online and tried to find as much information as possible about the toxicity in different types of chocolate.

Steve called the 24-hour emergency vet hospital in our area (I still have its phone number saved in my cell phone from our frequent trips there with Bizzy this summer).

They gave Steve the phone number for the animal poison control center – but didn’t tell him there’s a $50 donation requirement before you can speak to someone there.

We decided, in light of the information we had gathered on our own, that since the bars don’t seem to have all that much actual chocolate in them (organic cocoa is within the fifth ingredient listed), we would just make sure that we kept a close eye on him and not panic.

So far, everything has been OK. Let’s hope it stays that way.

But now I know that we can’t be too safe about leaving anything around the house that could possibly entice our Sethy.

– Jane

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