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radio1.jpgOne of our holiday traditions used to be the family trek to the tree farm to pick out the Couto Family Christmas Tree.

We would usually go the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving, pick out the perfect tree, take turns cutting it down with our saw, and spend that evening decorating our fragrant, freshly cut evergreen.

The tradition continued even as my siblings and I got older… and we’d bring along our boyfriends and girlfriends to take part in our little holiday ritual.

But then we started to go off and get married… and some of us began to have families of our own (the nerve!)… and some Thanksgiving long weekends began to take place in different states, where the in-laws lived…

And soon the Couto Family Christmas Tree became the kind that can be packed up and stored in the basement when the season is over, and re-assembled in twelve month’s time.

But Mom and Dad are big on tradition. And so they created a new one for us… one that would entertain their adult children and their young grandchildren alike.

And so in 2004, for the first time, we traveled – all 15 of us, at the time – to see the Rockettes perform at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

It was, indeed, so spectacular that we again made the trip in 2005 and 2006.

And now this weekend we will continue this new(ish) tradition for the fourth time in a row.

We’ve added two kids to the brood since 2003, so now all 17 of us will take Radio City by storm.

Even though I have no human kids of my own (my doggies can’t come to the show), I look forward to this tradition every year.

To see the excitement in my nieces’ and nephews’ eyes.

To see my parents happy to have the whole family together.

To have a tradition that really means something to us all.

As for the men? I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that they get to see lots of Rockette cleavage.

– Jane

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