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williamsharon.jpgI just love the honest and innocent sincerity with which children respond to adults.

Take last weekend, for example.

My entire family of 10 adults and 7 grandkids went to New York City to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. And “spectacular” it was!

But getting to New York City for the 11:30 am show (we got the tickets last April!) from Rhode Island meant having all the kids meet at my house at 6:30 am. Pack into 3 cars. Make sure all the kids had snacks. Changes of clothes for the littlest ones. Etc., etc., etc. (I will add here that Jane and Steve – the only ones with no kids – were the last to arrive!)

And of course maneuver into New York City. Park. Walk a few blocks. Stand in line. Get more snacks. Find our seats.

And then see the wonderful show.

Now after all of this, it is expected that young children would be exhausted.

So when 3-year-old William asked me to please carry him back to our car after the show, I said (in my most poetic grandma fashion and wearing my most exquisite 4-inch heels), “Honey, I will carry you over the tallest mountain. Over the most tumultuous sea. Through the deepest valley. To the highest star…”

To which he just put his tired little head on my shoulder and said, “Grandma, can you just carry me to the car?”


– Sharon


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