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Here’s the fabulousness of what has arrived so far for the Pinks & Blues Virtual Baby Shower!

(Remember, one of each item is being delivered to Angela Kinsey, and our contest is still on – until Valentine’s Day! – for a lucky mama-to-be to be nominated for the same gifts!)

In this photo, we’ve collected the baby shower products from 20 of our sponsors (and more coming in every day!):

1) Nickname Plaques from Sherri Blum Design

2) The Big Combo gift certificates from Mabel’s Labels

3) Personalized and Mommyhood Stationary from Posh Peacock

4) Maternity Tees from 2 chix

5) Muslin Swaddling Wraps from aden + anais

6) Baby Shoes from Robeez

7) Nipple Nurture Butter and Nipple Nurture Cleansing Pads from Bella B Bodycare

8 ) BurpCatchers Burb Cloths from BurpCatcher

9) A Travel Kit from Mama Rose’s Naturals

10) ¿Qué Pasa? Tees from Il Cocco di Mamma

11) Pocket Brag Books, Accordian Photo Books and Baby’s First Books from Rag & Bone

12) Hand Painted, Personalized Keepsake Chest gift certificates from Stacie Dale Designs

13) I’ve Got a Hot Mom onesie and Hot Moms Club nightshirt from Hot Moms Club

14) Goober Baby Change Mats from Apples’n’Oranges

15) AirCrib Inflatable Travel Cribs from AirCrib

16) Carrot Organic Cotton Teether Toys from For Your Bug-A-Boo

17) Messenger Bags from DadGear

18 ) HAPPYBABY coupons and T-shirts from HAPPYBABY

19) Things For Baby notepads and Baby Thank You cards from The Queen Bee Paper Company

20) And, of course(!!), Micralite Toro strollers from Tots on-the-go and euro-baby!

Are you getting as excited as we are!?

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Ahh…. the Name Game.

The first gift you give to your child.

And it is the only gift (beyond love, of course) that will last a lifetime.

So, what to do when you’re pregnant with your 4th son?

It’s called the NAME GAME.

AND… truth be told, I HATE telling people names we are thinking of before we have picked one because you get (what we have gotten) other people’s opinions.

Yes, even on baby #4, people have NO PROBLEM telling us that they “don’t like” certain names we have thrown into the universe.

But with baby #4, I have something in me that I didn’t have so much with William and Alexander… the sense to ignore and pretty much disregard these comments. It got easier with naming Benjamin, and with this little guy? It’s a no-brainer.

When Matt and I first found out we were having another boy, our first reaction was “What are we going to name him!?”

William was named after my maternal grandfather.

Alexander’s middle name, Dimitri, was named after our dear and beloved friend.

Benjamin was a name that Matt always loved, so that was easy.

And with this little man… we want to find a name that can stand strong against the other boys’ names.

We know his name can’t be “M” (yes, the letter M – a name Matt had tried to convince me to name William).

I have always loved to look at the meanings of names. (Although Benjamin means “son of my right hand”…!) And I have always loved names that are timeless and full of history.

So as of right now, we have a short list of names that we love:

– Oliver (this one has gotten the most criticism, which shocks me)

– Matthew (my husband thinks on boy #4 he may want a Junior!)

– Nathaniel (my husband was in a cab in NYC, and his driver was named Nathaniel James… all of a sudden, he loved the name!)

– James (after my previous Ob/Gyn from NYC, whom we just love)

– Andrew (but that’s my nephew’s name, and I want him to have that special name)

So as of right now… that’s what we have. Truth be told, it changes a bit. Watch us name him Barron Jonathan Spencer!!

Now if the next baby is a Girl (for those of you keeping score at home, yes, that would be Baby #5!)… we’ve always had one name and one name only… so she would be easy to name!

*Fabulously fun – and appropriate! – “Knocked Up” hoodie courtesy of 2 chix, one of our wonderful Virtual Baby Shower sponsors!

– Audrey

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