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artoldhouse3ap.jpgA while back, I wrote a post about my strong attachment to my childhood home.

It was the only home I knew from the time I was born until just after I graduated from high school. I loved that house. I learned in that house. My husband proposed to me in that house (you’ll have to read the article to learn more about that… because I know the time line isn’t adding up right now).

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Melissa Dutton, a writer for the Associated Press who was working on an article about how people stay attached to their old homes.

She interviewed me, and then a photographer for the AP took some photos of me at my childhood home (including some with the current owner).

Last night I found out that the article was on CNN.com! And I had no idea that the writer had even talked to the former owner of my current home!

So here is the link the article!

There are three photos that accompany the article… the first is of me standing in front of my old home, which used to look like this:


There’s also a picture of me standing below the staircase (it’s the one at the top of this post). In the background is the living room, which is where this picture was taken in 1983 (the window behind us is the same window directly behind me in article’s picture):


– Jane

Photo: AP

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