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We might regret this…

As much as you love coming here to read all about us, we know there’s that nagging question you keep asking yourself…

“Just what do these girls look like first thing in the morning?”

(Note sarcasm here.)

As we’re always aiming to please, we’re going to give you what you obviously so desperately want. Maybe then you’ll leave it alone.

Seriously, though, Sweetney started this idea of Truthiness in self-portraiting.

She wants us to introduce ourselves in our “stripped-down, unvarnished loveliness.”

Actually, she double dog dared us to do it. So yeah… it’s on.

First thing in the morning. No make-up. Yikes.

Maybe we should rename this “Terrifyingness in self-portraiting.”

Here’s (me) Jane:


Mom says I look like I’m about to go bust some people up.

Here’s Mom looking fly:


Audrey was able to escape this escapade. Lucky girl.

Maybe we’ll surprise her in bed one morning with a camera and add her picture here ourselves. (*Rubs hands together with evil glee*)

There are over 100 other women who took the challenge.

So who else dares to share?

– Jane


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Are you familiar with the Shining Stars friends from RUSS?

William absolutely loves his Shining Stars Snowy Owl (or as he says, “All-wol”)!


What’s cool about the Shining Stars friends is that when you buy one you can register and name a star with the International Star Registry.

I know that I named my own star back in the day (I think a boyfriend bought it for me as a birthday gift!), and now William has his own star, too.

I want to get Alex and Benjamin (and Henry, when he arrives!) their own Shining Stars friends, and I just learned that RUSS came out with Shining Stars Easter Friends. So cute. There’s a Lamb, Chick, Dark Brown Bunny, and Light Brown Bunny. Check out the adorable lamb:


Kids can go to www.shiningstars.com and play games, chat, and donate their ‘glow points’, the official currency of the site, to the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation to help seriously ill children and their families.

It’s a really great thing!

– Audrey

*By the way, this is not a sponsored post!*

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Exposed baby bumps.

Ah, the subject of such discourse.

And the “love it” or “hate it” mantra.

I will never forget the first time I saw the exposed baby bump of a total stranger.

This was way back in the summer of 1980 when I was six months pregnant with Jane (I know that mamas-to-be now talk in terms of weeks, but I just can’t multiply that quickly). I was at First Beach in Newport, Rhode Island with my husband and Keith, Adam and Audrey. I, of course, was all appropriately covered in my proper matronly bathing suit. OK, maybe my boobs were hanging out more than normal, but I wasn’t used to rocket ships that size.

I was digging in the sand, building sand castles and motes… when I looked up to see every eye on the beach staring at something in the water. No, not a shark. Not a whale (that would have been me). Nor a long, lean lifeguard rushing to the rescue of a swimmer in need.

The spectacle was a mama-to-be. More specifically, a mama-to-be in a bikini. And even more specifically, a mama-to-be in a bikini who looked ready to deliver.

This woman was mesmerizing. If she were a mermaid I would not have been as mesmerized. Of course I knew what a mama-to-be looked like. I had been one and was one at the same moment.

But everything else was different.

I was wearing a blue and white polyester bathing suit with an over-sized tunic top and skirt. Yes. A little skirt.

She was wearing a black bikini.

It hadn’t been that long before that itsy-bitsy bikinis were my beach attire.

I had every inch of my baby bump covered.

She had every inch of her baby bump exposed.

People started to murmur… “Well, she has a nerve.” “How disgusting.” “She must be European.”

Well, then I wanted to be nervy. Disgusting. European.

She was the most radiantly beautiful, confidently mesmerizing being that I had ever seen.

Well, summer was almost over… so I did not run out and purchase a black bikini. But I did know that at some moment in time, the mama-to-be in all of her fullness and beauty and glory would emerge.

I waited.

And then in August of 1991, Annie Liebovitz, Demi Moore and Vanity Fair changed the face… er, baby bump… of pregnancy in America. Forever.

Now my daughter fully, beautifully, and gloriously shows her baby bump. I marvel at this. I am amazed at this. I am still mesmerized.

I, for one, love it!


I know that I don’t exactly qualify for Blogger Baby Bump Watch 2008… but I wanted to share these pictures of me pregnant with Audrey (April 1978, 7 months pregnant – chaperoning a prom with my husband Barry):


… and with Jane (July 1980, 5 months pregnant – yes, I was wearing a denim jumper in July!):


Don’t forget to share your Baby Bump 2008 with us here!

– Sharon

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