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Part 1 –

Monday night Matt and I took William and Alexander out to Target to get some birthday presents for Benjamin. Even though he’s turning 1 and I know he doesn’t know it’s his birthday… I still wanted to go without him to get the boys excited for his special day!

We found our toys for Benjamin in record time.

But then… we needed to stop by the Thomas Train section.

Then the Leap Frog games.

Then the Playskool toys.

And – of course – Hot Wheels, Spiderman, Transformers, Tonka and all the other car/truck/train/”bad guy” sections there were.

Trying to pry them away from the Toy Department was like prying a bee away from honey… nearly impossible.

Check out was crazy because, well… they were playing “swords” with the plastic buckets we got them. Yes, the buckets were the swords.

While in line a family with 2 girls were behind us. The girls were sitting in the cart amused, but slightly horrified by William and Alexander’s “playing.” They were sitting there each holding bathing suits. Quiet. Calm. And reserved.

The mother of the girls smiled at me and asked if I knew what I was having… to which I responded, “Yes, a baby boy.” She said, “Wow… you’re going to have your hands full.” To which I said, “Oh yes, and I have another one at home.” My husband grabbed me hand and smiled.

On the way to the car the boys wanted to race each other. Then proceeded to wrestle each other into the car. And then play the “I was in my car seat first game” over and over again.

For the first time every, my husband whispered to me, “God bless you. God bless you. 4 boys, under 4.”

Part 2 –

Last night we were all sitting around the living room while William and my husband played Star Wars Lego on XBOX.

(XBOX usage is a post within itself… will get back to this topic at another time!)

As we were all lounging around… William took one look at my feet and stated, “Your toenails are disgusting Mommy.”

(To which they are. I give him credit for noticing.)

But to which I responded, “Gee, thanks William. That’s not very nice to say to someone.”

In his 3-year old innocence he asked me, “Why?”

And through trying not to laugh (since seriously, my toenails are horrible looking) I explained to him why it isn’t nice to tell someone that they look “disgusting.”

After we chatted and he continued playing his game, I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat… which is when I heard my husband take over the conversation.

As I was leaning against the kitchen wall, I heard it all go down…

He whispers to William, “Buddy… you never tell Mommy anything other than how beautiful she is. There’s nothing about your Mommy that is disgusting. She’s a beautiful Mommy, with beautiful everything, even toenails.” (Again, total lie about the toenails, but I’ll give me props!)

Ahh… my hero. My handsome-husband-hero!

(It’s a good thing I’m already pregnant with baby #4… !)

– Audrey


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