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Matt and I decided on our oldest son William’s 1st birthday that we wanted to start a yearly birthday tradition.

Something fun. Something easy. And something William would get a “kick out of” as he grew older.

We decided to take a photo of him every year on his birthday in the same XL shirt and watch him grow into it more and more each year.

We have been doing this every year with William on his birthday. With Alexander.

And now, with Benjamin!

For William we chose a Patrick Tillman Arizona Cardinals Football Jersey. William’s middle name is Tillman (in honor of Patrick Tillman), so we thought it would be very appropriate to see him in this special jersey every year.

For Alexander we chose a T-shirt from our dear friend who passed while fighting in Fallujah. We named Alexander Dimitri after our best friend Dimitri Gavriel… so we thought it would be very special to have one of Dimitri’s T-shirts as Alexander’s special birthday tee.

For Benjamin… we decided it would be all about the Steelers. (Yes, much to this Patriots fan’s chagrin!) My husband has been a life-long Steeler fan. And honestly, the first time I remember hearing the name Benjamin… and thinking to myself, “God… I love that name!” was when the Steelers won the Superbowl with Ben Roethlisberger as their quarterback.

So… Birthday Tradition for Benjamin, TAKE 1 –

Steeler BEN

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