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It was our first time. I was nervous. Matt was hoping it would go smoothly.

We had spent the night before the photo ironing his little button down shirt and corduroy pants.

We spent the “morning of’ washing his hair and combing it “just right!”

Then we got the phone call.

“William had a little accident before it was his turn for his photo. Do you want to have him try again tomorrow with dry pants?”

Imagine the smiles on my husband’s and my face.

So we started over the next day. And photos – mission completed.

Until William told us that he “actually didn’t smile… I just opened my mouth wide and closed my eyes.”


So I spent the last 2 weeks anxiously awaiting this “mystery” photo. William hates having his photo taken. Period. He’s in that phase where you ask him to smile and he makes a funny face. Or closes his eyes. Or looks down. Or point blank, he does anything BUT smile at the camera.

So… today was THE DAY.

The photo people were at William’s school today with their proofs. I had that funny feeling in my stomach walking up to the counter… hoping that the photo would (at least) resemble William. After all, I figured it would either be a photo we could look back at and laugh about someday while he’s sitting here with his college sweetheart… or a photo that the photo people would have to explain to me that they “just couldn’t get him to look at the camera.”

Imagine my delight.

3 different styles.

He’s smiling in every one.



And he looks like such a big boy.

Ahh… Matt and I have made it through our first School Photos. We are SO not virgins anymore. And next year, we’ll be ready to go – (times 2 boys)!

– Audrey

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Jody, our Pinks & Blues Virtual Baby Shower Mama-to-Be, has a beautiful update on her pregnancy, her family, and of course, style!

(1) [Audrey] I have sort of morphed into having maternity uniforms! So tell us, do you have any maternity “uniforms” or style outfits?

[Jody] My work wardrobe has morphed into “business causal” everyday. Luckily for me, my work place tends to be on the more causal side anyway. I have about 3-4 favorite pair of pants that I alternate for work. One black pair (sliming color even though nothing about a pregnant woman is slim), one grey pair, one light tan and one darker khaki pair. I do not have a lot of “winter” tops and shirts but my sister and my friend Heidi have been kind enough to share some of their great “cold” weather clothes with me. I feel like I wear the same thing over and over again. Hopefully it warms up soon as I have more spring and summer maternity clothes.

My after work outfit is sweat pants the moment I walk into the door. I usually add a roomy sweatshirt or a tee shirt. I know, very sexy! But I am oh, so comfortable! Basically the same thing to bed.

Weekends consist of jeans, a more “fitted” maternity top and a pair of flats or Pumas if I am just out running errands. I try and stay away from my heels while pregnant but I did break out a ‘sassy’ pair for Easter!

(2) [Jane]What special activities do you and Charlie have together now that spring
is here?

[Jody] Well, let’s just say that where we live it does not feel like spring. When we left our house this morning it was only 27 degrees! It feels more like February than April.

On Monday, March 31 we received 6 inches of snow! I thought Mother Nature was playing an early April Fools joke on us. You might have guessed that we live in the Midwest, Minnesota to be exact. Last year during this same week we had a couple of days in the 80s. Not this year. Very unpredictable weather.

Luckily the sun means business this time of year and is quickly melting all of the snow
we just received. Just two weeks ago on Easter we were all sledding at my parents house on their great sledding hill. This spring has been nothing but typical as far as the weather goes.

We have had a few nice days where we have enjoyed the great outdoors. Some of Charlie’s
favorite activities include driving his “big” truck, his bike, playing street hockey (we do live in THE hockey state!), soccer and baseball. To prepare for summer Charlie takes swimming lessons once a week and we go swimming once a week as a family. He loves the water as much as his Mommy and Daddy at his age and is our little fish!

If the weather cooperates in the upcoming weeks we will take a few trips to the zoo to see the baby farm animals. Charlie is anxious to visit our neighborhood parks and has been asking when all of the snow will be gone so we can go to the parks. Every day I tell him, “Soon, very soon!”

(3) [Sharon] We know little Adeline is smiling on you and your family. Do you think (at this moment) she is sending a sister or a brother? And do Daddy and Charlie (and anyone else in your family) have a definite “feeling”!?

[Jody] I have had a “feeling” all along that I am having a boy even though this little ones’ gender remains a surprise. My theory is based on my previous pregnancies and how
I felt. With Charlie I felt relatively good which the exception of a few mornings praying to
the porcelain god and a few evenings where I left a mess on my dinner plate or in my napkin.
By the end of my first trimester I was feeling pretty good and had little to complain about except for the fact I had to wear flip flops at the end of a chilly October due to terrible swelling.

With Adeline I felt nauseous all day long and it lasted until I was just past the 20-week mark.
I would be fine one minute and the next minute I was sprinting to the bathroom. It was very different than my pregnancy experience with Charlie. I even had to go home from work ill a few times as there was no way I was going to make it through the day.

This pregnancy has been very similar to how I felt with Charlie with just a few mornings and evenings of nausea. I really cannot complain too much as I know so many mamas out there have it much worse.

On most days Charlie tells me it is a brother but once in a while he says the baby is a little sister.
Clearly, he has no idea! My husband thinks it is a boy on most days.

My Mom is really not guessing as she is has been wrong in the past and the same thing goes with
my Mother-in-law. But my Father-in-law, now that is a different story. He guessed both Charlie and Adeline correctly and both of my sister’s children right (She has two boys) and he now says very confidently that we are having a boy. I guess in about three months time we will know if he is right again!

Thanks so much Jody! We’re all following you every week of the way!

– Sharon, Audrey and Jane

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