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My Grandma had a Sixteen Candles moment this weekend for her birthday.

She woke up on Saturday morning to no birthday wishes whatsoever.

No calls or emails (yes, she emails!) from her children, grandchildren or siblings.

Nothing. No one to acknowledge the 83 years she has spent on this earth.

What’s worse, there was no Jake Ryan to pine after (my grandfather – her husband – passed away 33 years ago), no school dance with ’80s music to attend, and no crazy exchange student for comic relief.

Instead, my Grandma spent the day by herself, believing that everyone had just forgotten about her birthday. Or worse – didn’t care enough to call.

Then she woke up this morning and checked her email.

Lo and behold, there were emails from her sisters. An email from my Mom. Soon she received phone calls from me and Audrey and her friends.

We were all wishing her a Happy Birthday.

And then it hit her… her birthday wasn’t yesterday. It was today!

When we got together this afternoon at Mom and Dad’s house for a birthday cook-out, Grandma told us the story about how she thought everyone forgot her birthday.

She had gotten the date mixed up, and thought that Saturday was the 13th (her birthday), when Saturday was actually the 12th.

So on her actual 83rd birthday today, Grandma was able to celebrate with us, her loving family… and her favorite dessert, strawberry shortcake!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Here’s to so, so many more… we won’t forget!

– Jane

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