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It’s interesting that Audrey, Jane and I never discuss our blog posts prior to posting them.

It’s not some Pinks & Blues policy…

I guess it’s just that we spend a great deal of time planning, organizing, researching, discussing, emailing, and meeting with so many people about our Pinks & Blues reviews, giveaways and features that, well, the blog part is the one very personal and special perspective that is all our own. Until it is posted, of course.

And just as I look forward to opening and reading so many fellow bloggers’ posts each day, I look forward to reading my daughters’ post too. I love reading blog posts. They are like personal letters from great friends. They give me eyes to see other horizons…

As Lord Chesterfield wrote, “Few men are of one plain, decided color; most are mixed, shaded, and blended; and vary as much from different situations, as changeable silks do from different lights.”

I see these different and beautiful shades and lights when I read my daughters’ posts…

So today I glimpsed at the “butterflies” of Audrey’s first spark of love with Matt. And now I will write about the unexpected love-at-first-sight possession that my husband had (and still has) on me from a hot summer day many, many years ago…

We were both teaching summer school. You know, the high school kids who didn’t quite accomplish what was supposed to happen all year and then are forced to come to this place each day for several weeks to learn the lessons during the hottest days of the year. Barry, my future husband, was (let’s just say it) my supervisor. It was my first real teaching job. I had heard wonderful things about this guy, but as of my first day of summer school, I hadn’t met him. I was told by many fellow teachers that Barry had an amazing way to connect with kids… primarily through sports.

But what I didn’t know was that he would be coming to summer school on that first morning wearing shorts.

So… as I waited in the very large cafeteria for my classroom assignment and then kids, I looked around nervously. I was fresh out of college. Most of these kids were bigger than me. None of them wanted to be there. And I began to think, “I don’t want to be here either…”

And then I saw them.

Legs. Well, not just legs. The most gorgeous hunk of legs that ever walked. I couldn’t see who was attached to these legs because a petition hid the upper part of the man. (I assumed they belonged to a man!)

I can’t get too descriptive here because I know my children will be reading this…

But my heart pounded as these legs took entire possession of me.

Within seconds, the man emerged from behind the half-petition, and ah… the upper half was conveniently just as perfect as the legs.

This was my summer school supervisor. This was the man with the amazing connection with kids, particularly kids in troubling situations. This was the man who would become my husband less than one year later… and the father of my children and grandfather of my 7, soon to be 9 grandchildren.

Audrey, thank you for your post today. Thank you for bringing my glorious first spark to life again.

And I would love to hear from the rest of you out there today! Make your own day by writing your first-spark story down and sharing it with the world! Sign Mr. Linky below if you decide to join in!

– Sharon


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It happened last night.

William asked me, “How did you and Daddy meet?”

Funny how that moment changed the course of my life, and that moment is why William is actually here…

So I told him.

October 28th, 1998. I was a Junior at Brown University, Matt was a Senior. It was early in the morning, somewhere around 8am… and I was drinking a cup of coffee on the main green, waiting to head to my first class.

And then, there he was.

Matt was leaving class. I still remember that he was wearing a blue sweatshirt and jeans. Funny how those things stay in your mind. I can see him like it was yesterday.

We had known of each other, but never actually met before.

Well… this day, the fates had a plan. (Thank you, fates!)

Our eyes happened to meet and we both sort of did that polite smile and wave. And then the weirdest thing happened. I got butterflies in my stomach. I know it sounds corny… but I did. I actually got butterflies. (Good ones, believe… very, very good ones.)

And then the best part happened. He came over to me to say hello and we started talking. And the talking led to a dinner invite that night. And that dinner turned into more dinners. And then into more and more dates. And the rest, as they say… is history.

Ahh… even as I’m writing this I’m smiling. That first moment. That first fated moment. It changed our lives.

And having my son ask me last night how we met, it brought it all back to me. I just get so busy with the kids and work and keeping up with the house and my friends… that it was nice to go back to October 28th, 1998 today. (You know, when school and having a boyfriend were the only things on my mind!) And just bask in those first moments of falling in love with the man who is now his Daddy.

So the first thing I did last night after the boys went to bed was plan a date night with Matt. Just him and me. Here I am pregnant with our 4th son, and I literally do not remember the last time Matt and I went out to dinner, just the two of us. You know… just to laugh and talk and catch-up on things. And laugh some more.

So my William, thank you for asking me this question. Little did you know that that innocent question made my night. And made me take out all the old photos of Daddy and me last night.

(That’s one thing my son has yet to learn about his Mommy… I’m the ever-romantic. Oh yes, I love me some romance!)

– Audrey

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