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This morning I was talking with my Mom and she was giving me a list of things that she needed taken care of. I wrote the quick list on a napkin and left it aside for later in the day.

Well, when Audrey and Jane saw the list, it was like they were interpreting a foreign language. We had a couple of chuckles over the words that most definitely separate generations, and here they are:

1. dungarees = translation: jeans
2. slacks = pants
3. housecoat = robe
4. tennis shoes = any and all athletic shoes
5. divan = couch
6. rouge = any and all blush products
7. cap = any and all hats
8. cardigan = any sweater
9. Sanka = decaf, and any brand of it!
10. Kotex = any and all feminine products

Thank goodness my Mom has a good sense of humor and will laugh when she reads this post.

And if there is one thing I am certain of… my grandchildren will be having a few laughs over some of my generation’s words too.

And guess what, Audrey and Jane. Yours too!


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It’s time to start potty training Alexander. He’s 2 1/2 years old.

It’s time!

When I tell you I need this little boy out of diapers before Henry comes in 8 weeks, I’m really telling you that I NEED him out of diapers.

Having him be fully potty trained by the end of summer would be wonderful.

Not to mention he can’t start pre-school in September if he is still wearing diapers.

Ahh… the pressure.

But the wonderful people at One Step Ahead are helping us out BIG TIME with some fantastic potty training products to make this adventure go as smoothly as possible.

So here we go.

And I’ve already learned a few things this time around… you know, since I’m not a “rookie” anymore.

(1) Alexander wants to be just like his big brother, so it’s been a little easier “convincing” Alexander to want to be potty trained. Plus, it’s always helpful having William tell him that, “you’re still a baby if you wear diapers, Alex.” Gotta love big brothers!

(2) However, Alexander does not want to use any of the things William used when he was potty trained. Oh, no. “That is not mine, that is William’s,” Alexander has been telling me when he sees the potty we used to train William.

(3) I’ve learned not to bribe. With William I feel like I promised him everything but the moon if he would go on the “big boy toilet.” It really got me nowhere.

(4) I’ve also learned not to go backwards. With William, once we started the potty training “thing” with him, I would go back and forth with the diapers. I would let him wear diapers when we were in the car, when we were out and about and when we were (honestly) anywhere but home. And I know it confused the heck out of him. When we finally “plunged” right in, that’s when he “got it.”

(5) There is not definite time frame. I know Alexander will get it when he gets it, and I’m not going to stress and worry about it. As I learned with William, it will happen. He won’t be 20 still wearing diapers (God, I hope not… that would be a little weird).

And thanks so much to my friends at One Step Ahead for sending me some fantastic products for Alexander to try as we tackle the world of Potty Training: the Contoured Cushie Step-up Potty, the Potty Watch, the Guide to Potty Training book by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Flushable Wipes Container, the Tinkle Targets and the Dri Nights Waterproof Mattress Protectors are all just so wonderful and have already been so very helpful in this adventure!

Here’s Alexander proudly learning how to use his Potty Watch. I’ve set to go off every 60 minutes, at which time I bring him to the potty and have him sit down, no matter if he has to go or not. Usually, of course, he finds he does.

I will update each week. With William I was able to have a glass of wine while we embarked on the Potty Training adventure. This time around, 7 months pregnant, it’s not an option! Help me.

– Audrey

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