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Read Audrey’s post.

Feel her pain!

This is Part 2 of the Target story…

While Audrey was wrangling her car and shopping cart and kids around Target (and parking lot on the hill!) I was at a couple of meetings with Jane.

I called Audrey when the meetings were over to let her know that I could lend my hands for the rest of the afternoon while her husband is out of town. When I arrived at her home, she informed me that she had taken a little “field trip” to Target… but had forgotten the wet wipes.

OK. You can’t wipe a baby’s precious little bummie with paper towels… so into the car we packed the 3 boys, pregnant Audrey and me for another Target run.

When we got there, we parked in no man’s land (are people flooding to Target to clean out the sporting goods department because of the beautiful weather!?)… and headed in.

Kids in carts. Check.

Buckles buckled. Check.

Now… past the cleaning supplies. The cosmetics. Then the condoms.

Ah, then the wet wipes.

Hang on a minute!

Perhaps we should have stopped at condoms… then we wouldn’t be having the discussions of “Expectant Mothers and Mothers with Children” parking!

Ah, come on Target and all the places that Moms with kids frequent… don’t make them stop at the condom aisle!

I mean, what would we grandparents do?

– Sharon


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Let me set the scene.

Target. 12:30 pm.

My 3 sons 3 1/2 and under and my pregnant self.

I need diapers, wet wipes, baby food, paper towels, and dish detergent.

Sounds pretty easy. Right?

Well… it would have been if the parking lot wasn’t so full. I ended up parking (literally) 38 rows of cars back from the store entrance. And this parking lot is on a hill!

Is it too hard for Target (at least the 2 in RI) to have some spots reserved for “Expectant Mothers and Mothers with Children?”

I know my chances of getting one of these parking spots today would have been less than good, but come on… help a mama out!

Before the days of being pregnant again, it still would have been tough lugging the kids into the store from way back there in row 39!

And while I’m in the middle of my rant… why can’t every superstore in America, every mall, every pharmacy and every shopping center institute reserved parking spots for Mothers?

Is that really too much to ask?

Moms with kids are your consumers. I’m at these places a heck of a lot more often than my husband or my mother or my grandmother, I spend a great deal of money on family products… and I’m usually accompanied by (at the very least) one of my children.

If I hadn’t been in such a need for diapers, wipes and baby food – I would never have gone into Target today. The $142.68 that I spent would have been spent somewhere else. Believe me.

Come on… let’s get some signs up and ready to roll.

The economy may be suffering a bit… but babies. Babies will keep on coming. I assure you.

– Audrey

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