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6 Random Things…

My blogging-friend Steph, the mama behind Adventures in Babywearing has tagged me to share 6 random things about myself.

Here goes…

1. My very first job out of college was as a personal assistant to fashion designer Donna Karan. That’s how I got started at the company. I watched and I learned so much from this great fashion-business-maven. It was one of the coolest jobs I have ever had. I even had a garment allowance!

2. When we were trying to get pregnant with William (my oldest son) for a whole week I got false negative pregnancy test results. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.

3. I am obsessed with Sharpies. The ultra-thin ones. They are the only pens I write with… and I always have at least 3 of them on me.

4. When I first got married, I was featured on ABC’s 20/20 in a segment called “Who will age the most gracefully?” It was when I was 23 years old. They picked 3 women with different backgrounds and had us answer tons of questions about our lifestyles. The doctor doing the judging (Dr. Nicholas Perricone) said that since I wanted to have 4-5 children (even back then I wanted a big family) my chances of aging gracefully were not that high due to the constant pregnancies. I came in second place. Hmm… I think I’m doing OK right about now! 🙂

5. I pinch my knuckles when I’m nervous.

6. I have never been able to complete a New York Times Crossword Puzzle. But I still keep trying every Sunday… !

Thanks Steph!

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What can get me OUT of bed at midnight…

Slip on a fabulous pair of Manolos…

And say, “Hello, lovahs!” like I mean it?

Yes… Sex and the City.

There is nothing quite like Sex and the City. Funny. Flamboyant. Fabulous!

And I got to see all the fabulousness at a sold-out midnight show at our local Showcase Cinema with Audrey, Jane and my husband Barry last night. Or more accurately, this morning!

Me, Jane and Audrey waiting in line at the theater

You see, I have a history with sex and the city. No, not THAT kind of history… (or at least I ‘m not telling.) But a real history with the show.

I became good friends with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte back in the summer of ’99, when Audrey and Jane were both living in New York City for the summer. Audrey was interning at ABC’s The View and Jane was taking an acting course at NYU. They shared a dorm suite at NYU right in the heart of Union Square. I drove into NYC at least once a week to visit (and bring them on shopping sprees… food shopping, that is). OK. We ventured to Soho and Madison Avenue more often than I told my husband (!)…

But I found myself by myself during the days, exploring the great city of New York. It was on these days that I met my four new best friends. Right across the street from the dorm, there seemed always to be so much film activity. I would grab a morning coffee at The Coffee Shop, sit outside in Union Square, take in the city sounds and sights… and decide what to do that day. But first, I would watch the makings of what would become my favorite HBO show. Sex and the City. Being created right there in front of me in Union Square.

I did not know then how much fun and fashion and fabulousness my new friends would bring to my life. And to the lives of my daughters. I know that little game where women say which Sex and the City friend is most like them. Well, I know that as women grow and age and develop new relationships, that identity can change a bit. But it is always so refreshing to have Carrie philosophizing, Samantha lusting, Miranda balancing and Charlotte nurturing. This is exactly what they are still doing (without giving too much of the movie away!).

And last night at midnight, wearing my Manolos and surrounded by my own beautiful all-grown-up daughters and my own Mr. Big… I was in Sex and the City Heaven.

So when I arrived home at 3:00 am and kicked off my Manolos, how did I feel?

Fabulous. Of course!

– Sharon

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Roll your eyes if you must, but (as you know) I consider my dogs my kids.

But lately, I feel more like I’m raising teenagers. Yes, 4-legged teenagers.

Case in point:

That’s Ryder, riding shotgun in my car.

Remember those teenage years of riding in silence with your parents because you were too cool to talk?

Doesn’t it look like she’s pulling that attitude with me? “Yeah, mama. Whatever.”

Meanwhile, Sethy just sleeps in the backseat, basically telling everyone to leave him alone.

“Leave me alone.” Remember that one from teenagehood?

Speaking of sleeping, my kids are champs at that.

Again, case in point:

That’s Seth sleeping, one of his favorite things to do. He loves to sleep in the car. On his dog beds. On the deck outside.

But despite my pleading, he doesn’t like sleeping on the couch next to mama. No matter how many times I invite him up next to me, he kind of looks at me like, “Um, nah…” and then goes off to sleep somewhere else.

Meanwhile, if I’m on the couch downstairs, Ryder is usually up in our bedroom, snoring away on the bed.

Let’s see… who else likes to be alone in their rooms? Oh, yes. Teenagers!

And finally, when it comes to eating, my pups aren’t exactly patient. Like teenagers, when hunger calls, all else must stop and mama must deliver.

The other day I was preparing breakfast for the kids, and as usual, they sat and watched me.

I got sidetracked for a second and had stop the food prep for a minute. Ryder let out a big sigh (and I swear I saw her roll her eyes) and left the room, like, “How dare you delay my breakfast!”

Of course, I’m sure I don’t help the situation, as I’m a total sucker when it comes to their puppy dog eyes.

Like any parent, I always try to do what’s best for my kids. Acting like teenagers or not, they are my babies and my very best friends.

Come on, look at these faces:

Wouldn’t you give them anything they wanted?

– Jane

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My first little granddaughter called me “Umma” when she was learning to talk.

I loved being called Umma, but I knew it would not last.

She caught very quickly onto “Grandma,” and the rest is history. Since then, all of my grandchildren have called me Grandma.

Except Benjamin, Audrey’s littlest guy.

He calls me Mama.

Now, it is true that I see him every day because I work with Audrey. And it is true that I am pretty involved with his care, especially now that Audrey is due with Henry in a couple of weeks. Yes, I can still bend and lift and all that good stuff.

I just melt when he extends his arms and hands to me… looks into my eyes with his big baby-blues… and says, “Mama. Mama.” Thank goodness that Audrey is so comfortable in her own role as the “real” Mama. She laughs and melts right along with me.

Maybe Benjamin just knows exactly what he wants and how to get it from the world’s biggest sucker.

Me. Mama!

– Sharon

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Jane got this photo of me before my birthday party started…

What is it about the warm weather that has me craving a beer? Maybe because I can’t drink one!?

But I am craving a Coor’s Light like you CANNOT imagine!

A nice, frosty, iced-cold Coor’s Light. With a big, greasy slice of pepperoni pizza.

OK. For the next two weeks, I’ll settle for an O’Doul’s and meat-less pizza slice (no indigestion)!

– Audrey

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I spent some time with Audrey and her boys (my brother-in-law included) on Monday afternoon.

Audrey’s yard has the best small hill for summer and winter fun. And there’s nothing quite like seeing the excitement and fun from 3 little boys as they slide and glide down, and then make their way back up the hill for more Slip N Slidin’! It was especially fun watching Benjamin join his brothers for the first time.

– Jane

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We are so excited to share that Jody, our Virtual Baby Shower winner, has received and opened her gifts… and she loves them!

Read on for the latest update from this glowing mama-to-be (due in July)!

“Hello Pinks and Blues Ladies!!!

As I said in my previous email, I am overjoyed with all of the gifts I have received!!! I knew I would be getting some awesome prizes but what I got exceeded my wildest dreams!! Seriously, when when family, friends and coworkers ask what I received I almost cannot put it into words as it is all so amazing!!!

As I already mentioned I received all of the goodies on Tuesday, May 13 but had to wait until my friend Heidi returned home from a business trip on Thursday to open everything since she made this all possible.

We had such a good time opening everything. Jeremy got a kick out of the Nipple Nurture cream. He really likes his Dad Gear bag. He mentioned it would be great to use for fishing as well but I told him to dream on. I am attaching a photo of Jeremy with his Dad Gear bag.

Charlie loved the purple tutu from Miss Priss Tutus (perhaps we need to enroll him in dance), the animal ABC book from Barefoot Books and “his own t-shirt” from Baby Candy. He thought it was so cool that he got one and so does the baby.

I loved everything!! The Toro stroller (from Tots On-the-Go and euro-baby) is to die for!! It is so smooth and I can’t wait to use it with the new baby. I immediately had to order the infant carrier attachment, as this is the only stroller I want to use. It is then compatible with my Graco infant seat!! I really like the neutral tan color too.

Some friends have asked me what my favorite thing is and I have a hard time picking. I have had a great time going through all of it and showing it to loved ones. My in-laws
are coming tomorrow for show and tell. My Aunties are all coming in a week to see everything as they do not live close by. I love showing friends and family all of the loot and telling them about the company who gave it to me. It is truly incredible!!

I mean all of the pampering products for me and baby, the blankets, onesies and t-shirts for baby and even one for me, the diaper cakes, the great note cards, the diaper changing pads, the unique baby items, the baby book and photo book, the burp cloths, bibs, nesting pillow, custom wall art, cookbook, sassy flip flops for me, a Strollometer, baby shoes, delivery bag, baby announcements, all of the gift certificates, etc. and the STROLLER….all of these items are awesome!!!

I am full of gratitude to every vendor who was gracious to donate these items to our family. I want to thank each one of them from the bottom of my heart. You have made my day, my week, my month and my year more than you will every know.

I feel very blessed by all of these gifts. My mom said, “I just have to smile when I think of all of the gifts, Pinks & Blues for making this shower possible and the giving companies who participated by “showering” Jody.” I have to believe that Adeline is looking down at us smiling knowing some joy is being restored in our lives. I think she knew the Pinks & Blues Virtual Baby Shower was exactly what I needed as a positive distraction during my high risk pregnancy to take my mind off of it all for a little while and bring more joy into our lives.

It is hard to comprehend that Adeline would be turning one on June 19 if she was still with us and not in heaven with our Heavenly Father. I know that day will be difficult but we will celebrate her short life and the memories she left us in the 20 hours she was with us. I hope she feels the intense love we have for her and how much we miss her every day.

I have to say the three of you out did yourselves. I mean the individual tags on every item (too cute) and the care you took in packing/wrapping everything, it must have taken you forever!! Heidi and I had to laugh as we were on box three before we found the master list of all the prizes. I was trying to keep the tags with every item so I would not mix anything up when Heidi and I decided we better write it all down as well for thank you purposes. So Heidi began to write it down and then we found the awesome list you all prepared and we said screw the list, Jane, Sharon and Audrey are on top of this!!! I was very impressed. Thanks for taking the time to do that. The three of you are smart cookies. 🙂 (a lot smarter than Heidi and I since we did not realize the boxes were numbered) Audrey and Sharon, thank you for the book too.

Audrey, I can’t wait to hear the news of Henry’s arrival in just a few weeks. I have 7 weeks to go before we meet this little one or should I say big one as I have big babies! I have to tell you that the name Henry is on our boy name list too, as I think I mentioned to you earlier that was the runner up name when we had Charlie. We are more set which names for a girl but are struggling with a boy name which probably means we will have a boy without a name for a few days!!

Here are some photos from our “shower” that I thought I would share with you. Heidi and I are both kicking ourselves that we did not get one of her and I together that night.

Again, THANK YOU for everything from the bottom of my heart. I am truly in awe of the three of you!

Much love,

Jody poses with a gift from Heidi at 787 Baby, who nominated Jody for the Virtual Baby Shower!

Once again, a HUGE thank you to all the companies who sponsored the Virtual Baby Shower! You are amazing!

2 chix
787 Baby
aden + anais
Baby Candy
Baby Cha-Cha Boutique
Bambina Ballerina
Barefoot Books
Be So Beautiful Baby
Bella B Bodycare
b.glam baby
Blessed Nest
BlueZoo Boutique
The Cubbyhole
Czela Bellies CesareanWear
Deadly Girl Couture
Diaper Cakewalk
Doodlebug Prints
Dr. Moz
Emily Allyn
Essere Organics
For Your Bug-A-Boo
Happy Panda Baby
The Hole Thing
Hot Moms Club
ll Cocco di Mamma
In The Pink Designs
Jaime Zollars
Ladybugs and Lilypads
Liliputians NYC
Little Stork
Mabel’s Labels
Made by Angie
Made for Mommy
Mama Rose’s Naturals
Miss Priss Tutus
My Miracle Baby
Natural Pod
Olive Kids
“The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler”
Pixie Dust Décor
Posh Peacock
The Queen Bee Paper Company
Queenie by Design
Rag & Bone
Resa Design
Rock Star Moms
Secure2Me Blanket
Sherri Blum Designs
Sofia Bean
Stacie Dale Designs
Sunflower Hill
Susan Brown’s Baby
Tiptoe Bows
Tots On-the-Go
Violet Gumdrop
Welcome Baby

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