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I search high and low every Father’s Day for the perfect gift.

It’s not that easy to find things for my husband and for my own father. Especially when they both tell me over and over again that “I have everything I need.”

But I have come up with my Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day.

So Matt and Dad… STOP READING NOW because soon you’re going to be seeing one or more of these things nicely wrapped in packages with your names on them!

1) DadGear
DadGear offers an extensive line of dad diaper bags and men’s diaper vests – all stylish dad gear that’s designed by dads, for dads.
Read our DadGear reviews here and here (and we will be reviewing another DadGear product on June 6th).

Finally a tool to help new oh-so-helpful dads (and moms) remember the basic details of baby care. Designed with the needs of a new parent in mind.
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3) Grill Charms
Grill Charms are the must-have grilling accessory for every man. Grill Charm your food prior to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors, meat temperatures, or to avoid health and allergy issues.
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4) The Daddle
A “Saddle” for Dads. Horseback rides with your kiddies around the living room, back yard, or anywhere… will never be the same.
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5) My Cuppa Coffee Mug
Make the perfect cup of joe with this graduated color-chip style scale of coffee-colors mug.
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6) World Wide Fred’s Beer Bands
Never lose your beer again, or have to guess, “Is this one mine?”
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7) Quick Count Football
A fast-paced strategic family card game that you can take anywhere. The fun and competition is endless.
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8 ) Buff Wear
A uniquely versatile and totally cool head garment that you can wear up to 12 different ways for protection, comfort and fun!
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9) Joe’s Coffee Collar
Re-useable, insulated beverage sleeves that keep your hands from burning while at the same time keeping your beverage warmer, longer.
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10) Desktop Charger
Organizing your desk means more than getting your pens and pencils in order. We’re in the technological age, so let the Desktop Charger be a home base for all your electronic devices.
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