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In the June/July issue of Cookie Magazine, the one with Liv Tyler on the cover, one of the features is called, 54 Things That Make a Dream Dad.

How could I not peruse this article? After all… I do think/feel/know that my husband is a “dream dad”… but would he measure up to the Cookie List?

He did. (Of course you did, honey!)

Here were some of my favorites on the list of 54… which make him even more of a “dream dad” in our house!

#7 – Gets in the pool with the kids – even when it’s 60 degrees and rainy.

Yes, honey… and you get your butt in the YMCA pool with the kids, even when the water is like about 50 degrees and you’re absolutely freezing!

#11 – Is not afraid to wipe an ass.

Enough said. With 3 little boys, 2 still in diapers… you have this done to an art form. And I will never forget that YOU actually taught me how to change my first diaper. Not that either one of us likes to change those “stinky butt” diapers, but you aren’t afraid to get in there!

#12 – He’s the fun one.

I love everything about you. Let that be stated. But, there is nothing like seeing you in the living room dancing, playing swords and Light Sabers, giving horsey rides, wrestling and just goofing around with the boys. Those are the moments that I love the best.

#15 – Knows there are few greater pleasures in life – after you’ve been home with the kids all day, unable to shower – than the evening cocktail.

Not that you have ever been the type of man that needs to go out with the “boys” every night… but you have always made it be known that your after-work-pleasures are being with your family. Regardless of what we are doing.

#22 – Knows how to immediately bring the kids to heel.

I don’t know if it’s your voice. Or the fact that you’re just “DAD”… but you have the gift. And I will say, without the slightest sense of hesitation, that I do not! 🙂

#23 – Can build a sand castle – the drippy kind with high towers, flags, a moat and a seashell cornice.

Alright… this may be a little of an exaggeration… but let’s just say, you’re one CREATIVE DAD! Not many can sew, craft, garden, cook, bake… and the list goes on. And yes, I said SEW!

#26 – Knows how you like your steak.

Extra, extra well-done. And you know how I take my coffee. Even though it’s different on hot days, cold days and on weekends. Weird, I know.

#30 – Responds, “Tied for first,” every time he’s asked by his children or wife whom he loves the most. Always.

William has started asking these kinds of questions… and yes, you are always the ever-diplomat!

#32 – Knows how to install a car seat.

AMEN! With 3 of them in our car, you have this down to a 5 second maneuver.

#33 – Strikes just the right balance between chivalrous and evolved, modern and classic.

Especially now… especially now! 🙂

#34 – Has achieved a measure of peace with the fact that his sex life will ever be like it was, but knows that it is not the same as it being over!

Ahem… we’ll leave this one to us, and us alone!

#45 – Does not gloat (too) overtly when the kids, for a time, like him more than the like you.

OK… you don’t gloat too much… !


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