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And then there were 4…

Welcome to the world HENRY!

– Audrey


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One week from TODAY!

I cannot believe in exactly one week I am going to have my 4th child.

My 4th son!

Last night laying in bed, it “hit” me…

Henry will be here. And SOON!

This pregnancy has flown by for me. Since my “2 pink lines day” on October 16th, I felt like time has been on fast-forward. I kept thinking that it would really “hit” me after Thanksgiving… and then after Christmas… and then after New Year’s… and then after Benjamin’s 1st birthday… and then after my 30th birthday… and then after June 1st.

And now there aren’t any “then afters.” Just him.

Just my Henry.

I’m not worried about adding a 4th baby to this mix. After all, I think once you hit 3 children and become completely outnumbered… you somewhat have an idea of what life is going to be like with “more than 2.” My husband hasn’t even batted an eye. He thinks adding another baby to the brood will feel very normal. God, I love this man!

But I can’t help but think… has it really “hit” me yet?

This little man who is going to be my 4th son. My 4th son. Never in my whole life did I imagine or dream big enough to think that I would be blessed and lucky enough to be the mother of 4 boys. (Not to mention all so very close in age!). When I tell people that I have a 3 1/2 year old, a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old… they cannot believe I am having another baby so soon. I have always felt that babies are destined to you. They were always meant to be… fated to you before time even began.

And so my Henry… we are getting ready to meet you. I still have to get your Daddy to pull the clothes out, get the bassinet down and pull all the bedding out. And I still have to go out and buy diapers, bottles, binkies and some new blankies for you… but we’re as ready as we’re going to be.

Can you tell we’re seasoned parents now? With William, I had everything ready-to-go when I was 30 weeks pregnant!

And Henry, you have 3 older brothers waiting out here for you…

William. Who kisses my belly EVERY single day. He cannot wait to meet you. And he told me last night that I’m only allowed to have “one more baby after Henry” because he doesn’t remember me EVER not pregnant. And he’s worried about how a 5th baby would fit in our car.

Alexander calls you “Uncle Dimi.” From the very beginning of this pregnancy… he has called my belly “Uncle Dimi.” Uncle Dimi is Alexander’s namesake and our beloved best friend, a man who lost his life in Iraq. Alex loves to point his finger and jab at you. A little uncomfortable for me… but you seem to love it because you do a little kick back at him, always.

And Benjamin. Ahh… Benjamin. He is almost the exact same age as William was when Alexander was born. I know he doesn’t understand that a new baby brother is coming his way… but he knows something is going on. When I ask him, “Where’s the baby?”, he points to my belly. What warms my heart the most is knowing the bond William and Alexander have… and knowing that you will have Henry, just like they have each other.

And, of course… you will all have each other.

So. 4 kids. 4 boys. Coming soon. Oh-so-very-soon…

Henry, I cannot wait to look into your eyes. I cannot wait to hold you and meet you and just be your mommy… you know, from out here!

Oh my GOD… I’m going to have 4 KIDS! I gotta go lay down! 🙂

– Audrey

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