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I remember so vividly bringing Audrey home from the hospital.

She had arrived six weeks before her due date (June 26, 1978… 30 years ago today!), on May 23. She spent a couple of days in the intensive care nursery, then graduated to the convalescent nursery, and then on to the regular nursery.

Audrey’s journey home took 12 days, but I was sent home on day 8. As you can imagine, going home without my baby was just so difficult. My husband and I drove to the hospital for each feeding during those 4 long days… so her homecoming was such a celebration of health and happiness.

As I walked into my kitchen with my bundle of joy, I sat down to feed her in her home for the first time. But all I could focus on were the dust bunnies dancing (no, mocking me) under the kitchen sink. We had one of those big basin sinks with the exposed plumbing underneath… and the dust bunnies were multiplying as I stared.

I remember bursting into tears. Not joyful tears of having my Audrey home. Not postpartum tears. But tears of doesn’t-my-husband-know-that-I-have-been-so-overwhelmed-with-missing-my-baby-and-recovering-from-my-c-section-that-he-should-have-known-enough-to-annihilate-the-dust-bunnies?

I knew I could care for my beautiful baby. I knew I could recover my health.

But those dust bunnies? Thinking of swiping them clean just pushed me over the edge.

So… ahem. I have been spending a lot of time at Audrey’s home helping with her boys. The older two are just about perfect with the baby, but a baby is a baby and he needs to be watched at all times. Benjamin is only 14 months old, so he needs supervision with kissing and caring. And Audrey is recovering from a c-section… besides having a husband, a home, and 4 boys under 4!

This is a message to Daddy… and all daddies out there. Here are 4 things to remember about new babies:

1. load the dishwasher, often
2. clear the counters, often
3. toss a load of clothing into the washing machine and dryer… and FOLD it
4. attack the dust bunnies

These “new baby” necessities will be remembered for years. I am going out on a limb here… but these 4 things are probably more appreciated than rest, food and changing diaper duties.

Clean goes a long, long way, Daddies!

(a note to Mommies… have I left anything out!?)


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And then there were 4…

Welcome to the world HENRY!

– Audrey

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