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In the midst of baby central over here, I’d like to just give Boston area moms the heads-up on a campaign Mom Central is doing for American Standard.

They’ve created a site for Boston area moms to connect with each other about allergies and asthma, tips about keeping indoor air healthy while dealing with allergy season… and best of all, there is a chance to sign up to win an AccuClean whole home air filtration system.

They’re giving one away to a Mom living in the greater Boston area!

So if you live in the Boston area, check out the site HERE and sign up HERE.

Even if you don’t live in the Boston area, check out the site for the tips about allergies, asthma and keeping indoor air healthy!

(As most of you know, I recently began working as the Social Media Manager for Mom Central, so I’ll be sharing some of the exciting things going on there from time to time on my blog!)

And now for an adorable photo of Audrey and Henry, taken this morning:

– Jane

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I think it was Oscar Hammerstein who wrote, “There Is Nothing Like a Dame.”

Go ahead, sing along.

Or better yet, tell it to the DIY Network. ‘Cuz it recently held the America’s Most Desperate Landscape Contest, where people from all over the country entered photos and videos for the chance at a total landscape makeover of their front yard.

Last I counted, there had to about 10,000 entries.

And the 4 finalists who ended up on the Today Show yesterday morning for The Landscape Challenge?

4 guys. 4 young guys at that.

Hey, DIY. What about the dames? Don’t you think we DIO(urselves)?

Come on, guys. There had to be hundreds, perhaps thousands of women who entered the contest…

And this is not to say that Kevin from Florida, Chris from Ohio (who ended up winning), Mark from California and Shawn from Pennsylvania weren’t personable and as cute as chirruping chiggers. They were. (Well, I speak in an old dame kind-of way because these guys are all young enough to be my sons.)

But I’ve been driving a sit-down mower since before these guys were born. And DoingItMyself.

Leaf blowing. Watering in an accurate fashion. And even sod rolling. The old-fashioned DIMyself way, tilling a little bit of civilization with each year.

This old gal has raked, plowed, planted, sowed and reaped. And I guess I just needed a rest as my landscape got a bit more desperate. That’s why I entered the America’s Most Desperate Landscape Contest in the first place.

Of course I know that contests are contests, subject to all kinds of decision-making machinery and analytical judgments. I understand that sometimes there are principles that defy rules. I know that a rationale can be created for just about anything. But I admit a twinge of disappointment when I was not among the chosen. OK, I am a woman scorned.

Or thorned, as this case may be.

But Jason and DIY? Not one. Not two. Not even three. But four young, strong, happy, cute guys?

What about the gals? I personally live on the DIY Network. I love it. It loves me. (Well, until now.) My daughters love it. My friends love it. I mean, where else would I so handily find out about the Coolest Tools around, like the Senco Finish Pro pneumatic nailer… 600 nails from one battery. Wow. The Frontgate Outdoor Solar Wireless Speaker that I’m getting my hubby for Father’s Day. (Sorry, Honey… surprise ruined if you are reading this blog). Or one of my favorites, my 4″ Angel EasyClean Paintbrush.

Yes, it is easy. And yes, I DIM(yself). Paint, that is.

So DIY Network, what about the dames? We, too, find landscaping and gardening a discovery of our very strength. We too find the challenges of the soil challenges of our minds. We rock… literally.

I am woman. Hear me roar.

So at least, next time, let me roar up a John Deere.

– Sharon

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We are joining in on the latest Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, thanks to My Fruit Roll-Ups and Yoplait Kids Yogurt!

Here’s what they’re generously offering our readers for the giveaway:

FIVE (5) Pinks & Blues readers will win a coupon code good for a box of thirty My Fruit Roll-Ups (retail value – $29.99)!

These are customizable Fruit Roll-Ups that you can create online with your own text and over 400 images to choose from, and are then sent to you in the mail!


TWENTY (20) Pinks & Blues readers will win a coupon for a free six pack of Yoplait Kids Yogurt cups and drinks!

Yoplait Kids Yogurt cups and drinks have a smooth texture and yummy fruit flavors your child will love, plus the calcium, vitamins and protein they need.

****To enter to win, leave us a comment here indicating whether you’d like to be entered into the My Fruit Roll-Ups drawing or the Yoplait Kids Yogurt drawing – or both!

We will randomly choose the winners on Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 5 PM EST****

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I had an epiphany of sorts last week.

Audrey’s oldest son, 3-year-old William, is getting very interested in letters and words. I happen to have a little sign hanging on my back door inside doorknob, and he was studying the words on it: In the Garden.

“What does this spell,” he asked.

I answered, “In the garden.”

“What does it mean?” he innocently asked.

“Well, Honey… I hang this little sign when I am going out to work in my garden. That way you’ll know where I am.”

Silence. Then he walked four little 3-year-old steps to gaze out my bay window.

Finally, “Grandma, where’s the garden?”

Oh, yeah. Little detail. There isn’t one.

And I got to thinking that this little guy has never seen me work in my garden. My husband and I moved to our home 3 years ago. We had sold our home a little north of here when William was a mere 6 months old.

Now THAT home had gardens. I had a garden for each of our 4 children. We celebrated Audrey and Jane’s graduations from college in those gardens. I had a grandchildren garden (we had 5 grandbabies back then, and William was the youngest).

Audrey and Jane dressed for their weddings in that home, and we captured my gardens in the photographs.

I had a garden tea party baby shower for Audrey when she was expecting William.

My neighbors and I divided our beautiful plantings and often stopped to chat, have a lemonade… or a beer!

I had bountiful blueberry and raspberry bushes. My granddaughters had the greatest fun picking those little fruits.

I had exquisite garden decorations (stone, granite… each with a precious meaning). Thank God my home purchase and sales agreement specified that I take these with us. Oh. They’re in my shed.

But anyway, back to William and his question. I realized at that moment that William was too young to see my gardens. He never saw me at sunrise, noon, sunset, and even in the dark… planning, digging, planting, watering… loving the earth and its glorious bounty.

I realized that he couldn’t know that when we moved to our new home (well, old home… our home was built in 1780), my husband and I spent two years renovating the interior, and almost three years renovating and rebuilding the back of our home. We added decks. A pergola. A shed with its own little cupola, with a rooster weather vane. We leveled the yard of all its weeds and growth and nastiness.

William didn’t know that I would awaken at night and stare out of my bedroom window onto the front lawn below. I actually had nightmares about the front. One day I took a sledge hammer from our shed and hammered the crap out of a horrible fence that smothered the front yard. I felt a twinge of bad for the former owner… and then it seemed that all of my neighbors simultaneously were shouting “hurrah!” I raked all the dead things away… and that’s where we are today.

Ah… my little William who loves to work with his daddy in his own gardens (Audrey is not the gardener in her family) didn’t even know about grandma’s green thumb.

Long story, well, long! I have entered DIY Network’s America’s Most Desperate Landscape contest. I’ve gotta get back to the soil. I’ve gotta hit dirt.

But I had to have a little fun doing it. So. Have a couple of laughs on me (and my son-in-law, Steve, and my granddogs in their breakthrough acting rolls) in the video HERE.

And while you’re there, rate my landscape as the worst in America so my front yard will get a little respect! Rate it as ONE shovel (“landscape emergency!”). I’ll thank you all on the Today Show if I’m a finalist!


– Sharon


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The baby and mama (and even daddy!) Virtual Baby Shower goodies have been “pouring” in for Angela Kinsey and our contest winner Jody!

The virtual Headquarters is what we (appropriately) call the Pink Room at my (Sharon’s) house.

It’s just like Christmas morning here at Pinks & Blues!

But get ready… we’ve cataloged and photographed each gift, and will be sharing all these fabulous items with you in the coming week!

We’re beyond excited for the mamas-to-be!

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I was posing for this here picture with little Henry at 26 weeks, and I got to thinking…

Forget Celebrity Baby Bump Watch 2008 (OK, not really “forget”… I do love me some celebrity baby bellies)!

Let’s get Blogger Baby Bump Watch 2008 going!

I’ll start it off:


All right, fellow preggos, now it’s your turn!

*Congratulations to the winner of the Skip Hop diaper bag – Bee from Will Blog for Shoes!*


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Steph from Adventures in Babywearing!

Ellie from Tots on-the-Go, used random.org to choose the winner from the list of entrants from our site and from mod*mom’s site.

Steph is expecting her 4th baby, so the Phil&Teds Vibe stroller will come in handy for sure!

Enjoy the Phil&Teds Vibe, Steph!


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