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This morning, Audrey and her little family came to Grandma and Pop-up’s (that’s what they call Grandpa) for breakfast.

And there are many “rules” to breakfast with three little guys, a pregnant mama and one hungry daddy. 

First, the bacon must be already sizzling when they arrive.  Audrey loves the sounds and aromas of bacon.  It reminds her of going to her Nana Flo’s house for breakfast when she was a little girl.  Nana Flo had the not-so-secret-anymore recipe of mixing bacon grease (I can’t believe I’m sharing this compete-and-total saturated fat secret) with her pancake batter to create the most delectably crunchy pancakes imaginable, and Pop-up has mastered the art. And oh yeah, Audrey has craved bacon this entire pregnancy with her little Henry!

Second, and very important… the coffee must be ready.  Not brewing.  Ready.   

Third, Pop-up better not have already mixed the pancake batter.  3-year old William loves to help Pop-up measure and combine the eggs, milk and batter into the smooth and creamy mix.  And he loves to chat with Pop-up about the entire process.

Next, it is a pretty good idea for me to have 11-month old Benjamin’s oatmeal cereal and bananas ready.  Benjamin has to be the easiest baby I have ever met, but the little guy loves his morning meal!   

Last, I should have 2-year old Alexander’s counter space pretty clear.  He must climb by himself onto his stool at the counter where he can color with his crayons ‘til the “pancanks” are served.

And everything went as expected… except for Ally.  He sauntered into our house holding his Little Tykes boom box.  Without taking off his coat or hat, he pressed a couple of buttons on his boom box and said to me, “Dance, Grandma.”

“Okay, Honey.”  This is what Grandmas do. 

So I moved my arms a little while simultaneously helping Audrey with coats, hats and mittens.  This is what Moms do.

“DANCE, Grandma!” was Ally’s response to my “dancing.”

A couple more buttons.  Another little tune.  “Okay.”  Now I move my arms a little more rhythmically and add leg movement.

Well, not rhythmically enough.

“DANCE, Grandma… DANCE,” was Ally’s response to my obviously pathetic attempt at breakfast disco.

So I danced.  Arms.  Legs.  Spins.  Dips.  Twist.  Freakin’ Limbo. 

I danced to Little Tykes with wild abandon. 

Let me just say here that I cocktail waitressed my way through college (one very long stint where my “uniform” was a red tie-up-the-center corset with white ruffled panties… yes), and I was often on-duty for morning/breakfast business meetings where pillars of society asked me if I “danced.”  Well, no.  But that was the early 70’s. 

And anyway, I guess all that waitressing and hey-she-looks-like-a-dancer prepared me in great measure for my darling little grandson asking his Grandma to get her groove on.   

Hey, at least he didn’t toss me a quarter.

That’s a lesson for another breakfast.

Thanks, Little Ally… you made my day!

– Sharon

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  • Last night I had a moment of inspiration and I knew I’d have to capture it before it went away. So I opened the can of paint that has been sitting in my living room for about 4 months and transformed my kitchen from this:

    to this:

  • OK, maybe “transformed” was a bit of an overstatement, but this morning was the first time I walked into my kitchen and felt like it was welcoming.
  • So usually the only time our little state of Rhode Island gets any press is when it’s being used as a unit of measure. Like the iceberg that was floating around Antarctica in 2002 which the Associated Press described it as, “about the size of Rhode Island.”
  • But the other day, while watching A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila on MTV (don’t judge; I feel dirty enough already), I was a little distressed to see that there is a contestant from our fine state competing for said shot of love with Tila Tequila. This guy:

    Michael B. is a pizza delivery guy whose bed is his mom’s couch. And he admits that he has no game (what a shocker). Where oh where was this guy when I was single!?

  • In any case, I sat through the whole episode of A Shot of Love. And it actually made The Bachelor look downright tasteful.
  • OK, I’m not trying to pick on defenseless guys here, but I was looking at some gossip sites over the weekend and I was thinking… if Steve were to leave me and I had to start dating again? And I showed you a picture of my new boyfriend? And he posed like this?

    You have my written permission (nay, I plead with you) to knock some sense into me.

  • Is anyone else a little Seinfeld-ed out? Don’t get me wrong, I am literally one of the biggest fans of the show. I have seen (and can recite lines from) every episode and I own all of the available series DVDs. But every time I turn my television or computer on lately, I am bombarded with all things Seinfeld. Deceptively Delicious is all over EVERY blog, it seems. I’ve seen Jessica Seinfeld hawking the book on the Today Show, Oprah and LIVE with Regis and Kelly.

    I’m sorry, but with the last name Seinfeld, did Jessica really think that her book wouldn’t be a huge hit?

  • And just when I thought I could go back to getting my Seinfeld fix in 30-minute increments twice a day through re-runs on TBS, Jerry Seinfeld has virtually taken over NBC to promote his upcoming Bee Movie. The network has even gone so far as calling itself “N-Bee-C” when it bombards us with airs its 30-second “TV Juniors” clips to promote the movie. Please make it stop!
  • I guess that’s enough Monday morning crankiness for me. 🙂 It’s just that I was up late last night celebrating the Red Sox’s ALCS win and I’m a little tired today! Go, Papelbon, go!

– Jane

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Each night while I make dinner I turn on some music.

And yes, I have been known to lip-sync (better than Britney) around my kitchen and do the occasional dance move (again, better than Britney – at least 2007 Britney).

It has become a “thing” at night now with the boys. They know when I turn the music on, the re-heating cooking begins. (more…)

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