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We had a fantastic Halloween with the boys.

They loved trick or treating around the neighborhood.

They actually stayed in their costumes all night. Even refused to take them off.

And they didn’t open every single piece of candy that they got. Something that they did after a Halloween Birthday Party 2 weeks ago.

So even though our family had a great night…

I wanted to list 5 Rules for the kids teenagers around the neighborhood who came to our house last night.

1) Please do not come a’ knocking after 9pm. When the lights are off, that means we’re not open for anymore candy.

2) Please wear a costume when you’re “trick or treating.” (We actually had 3 groups of teenagers come to the house last night without costumes.)

3) Please bring a candy bag/sack with you when you’re going door to door. (Yes… we actually had these same teenagers come to the door and just open their hands to accept their candy. No bag. No sack.)

4) When you have a 2 year-old (cute, little) lion “roaring” at you from across the street, take the time to smile. One day, not so long ago, that was you.

5) When you get the candy at the door, try not to mutter “Can we have more?”

Maybe it’s just me… but when you hit high school age, or at least actually have a license… is it really necessary to be trick or treating?

Just a few Halloween Rules on my end.

Till next year. Till next year.



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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Stay safe tonight with your kiddies and enjoy the night!

We have Elmo. A Lion. And a Jar of Honey roaming the streets tonight.

The boys are ecstatic.

Dad is beyond excited.

And I’m just basking in the fact that I have 3 boys (OK, 4 boys, thanks to my honey) that are anxiously awaiting 5:30pm to roll around.

It’s like Christmas around here.

Ahhh… Halloween.

Have a great night!!

And let’s hope the sugar highs wear off by tomorrow morning! 🙂


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