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Our regular Mom Generations (formerly Pinks & Blues) readers will notice something different around the site.

First of all, we will no longer be updating the Pinks & Blues Girls blog – but don’t worry, we’re still blogging, and all our old posts can still be found here!

From here on out, we’re just going to be organizing our blogging differently… and each of our blogs will be separate:

Audrey can be found here, and she will continue to blog about being a girly-girl fashionista who moved from the big city back to suburbia to raise her 4 boys under 4 years old.

Jane can be found here, and she will continue to blog about life as a no-longer-a-newlywed dog mom who loves being an auntie and is learning to be more domesticated wife (because she wants to be).

Sharon can be found here, and she will continue to blog about life as a former teacher who is now a grandmother to 8 (soon-to-be 9) grandchildren 7 years old and under… and the joys and tips and secrets she has to share.

Also, you can find Mama Loves Giveaways, Smart Mama and Celebrity Scoop in their new locations by clicking the links.

Please update your feedreaders so you can (hopefully!) all enjoy our blogs from our new locations.

You may encounter some kinks as your navigate through the new site, so please just bear with us as everything is straightened out.

We will be having a GREAT contest soon to celebrate Mom Generations launch, so stay tuned!!

– Audrey, Jane and Sharon


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Last Friday I attended the funeral of a very good friend’s Mom, Mrs. Helen McGinn. Actually, my husband and our friend John have been friends since junior high school. I had only seen his Mrs. McGinn a handful of times at his wedding, or a celebration here and there.

But at Mrs. McGinn’s celebratory Mass, I got to know her in a very beautiful way.

Our friend John eulogized his Mom. He spoke eloquently of her 94 years on this earth. He told us of her great love for her family, her sons, her grandchildren and now great grandchildren.

And he told of her passions in life… her love of sports (particularly the Boston Red Sox!), her love of education (she left home in 1931 to attend college at the age of 16!), her passion for reading, her passion for her Church, her passion for fun and laughter and joy.

John spoke of her kindness, and her kindnesses. He told of her gentle discipline. Her great strength. And her positivity.

The congregation was rapt.

When we left the church, I asked my husband how he would describe his Mom’s passions. And I asked aloud, “How do I describe MY Mom’s passions?”

We talked and laughed over the things that we love about our Moms (my Mom is 83 and my mother-in-law is 89!) and the endearing things about them. We told funny stories and spoke of the hardships of women who came of age when they did. And yes, we laughed over the things that drive us crazy about them.

But describing their passions… at least from our perspectives, was wonderful.

And it got me thinking… how would my kids describe my passions?

Sometimes as moms, our personalities get lost for awhile. I see this sentiment over and over again on many blogs. We love our children, and that is our number one passion in life… but honestly, how are we seen by these very children?

And by the way, what color are your Mom’s eyes?

Let me know!

(And thank you, Mrs. McGinn, for making me think about our moms and the greatest love of all!)

– Sharon


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The Queen Bee Paper Company offers an array of personalized stationery, notepads, invitations, and announcements for those special moments in life. In addition, they carry calling cards, business cards, address labels and gift tags for you or your family’s everyday needs.

Whether it is for a gift, the birth of a baby, a bridal shower, moving into a new home, or a child’s birthday party, Queen Bee offers designs that are fun, chic, fashionable, whimsical and elegant.

Queen Bee is generously giving one lucky Pinks & Blues reader this fabulous stationery set:

  • 25 “Hip Dots” folded notecards, personalized with your family’s names (retail $28.00)
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This is set is perfect for new moms or for families with a new baby in the house. The family cards are great since you will have everyone’s names on them. The baby face cards are perfect for thank you cards. The notepad is just handy for all the baby shopping!

*CLICK HERE to go to our Mama Loves Giveaways site, where you can enter to win this wonderful set from The Queen Bee Paper Company, a total value of $50.00!*

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PatriotsOK, I’ll admit that I’ve always been kind of a girly-girl when it comes to understanding football.

This year I was kind of forced into "getting it" a little more because my husband coached football at his high school.

But that doesn’t mean I completely enjoyed sitting through the games.

It’s not that I don’t like sports. In fact, I would consider myself an athlete. I swam competitively from age 5 to age 17. I ran track and cross-country in high school, and was even recruited to run in college. I played Little League softball until I was in 8th grade.

I get sports.

I just never got football.

You see, back when I was in high school, going to my school’s football games was all about the social aspect. I don’t think I ever really even watched most of the action (or lack thereof) taking place.

My college’s football team was… a little pathetic. I remember one of my brothers coming to visit me one weekend, and I took him to a game. We were walking into the stadium and he asked me, "Where do we pay to get in?"

I laughed. Pay!? They were begging people to go.

As for watching the professional teams play, I have really only ever followed (and I use that term rather loosely) the Patriots (of course!).

And I’ve always watched the Super Bowl because, well… what else is there to do that night but eat and do what everyone else is doing? (Yeah, I follow the crowd like that.)

Sure, I’ve always understood the major point of the game – the touchdown, the field goal, the grown men touching other grown men on their backsides.

But, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that up until this year, I never really knew that there were guys who just played offense and guys who just played defense.  (*Hiding in shame*)

I also didn’t get why the words "he’s going for it on fourth down" sent people into a panic mode. (*Running away*)

And I swear in the name of Tom Brady, I never knew that the quarterback was only on the field with the offense. (*Changing my name*)

But I’m proud to announce, ladies and gentlemen, that I now get football – for the most part.

I mean, I am still unsure of what the hell everyone on the field is in charge of, what with their fancy names and all – Safety, Linebacker, Tight end, Running back. But I think that’s OK, because at least I know what they’re trying to accomplish.

In other words, I get the big picture. And I’m cool with that.

So this weekend when I’m watching the Pats play (and hopefully they’ll be playing in two weeks, too), I can enjoy the game(s) with my newfound football knowledge. And that makes me happy.

I think it will make the serious-football-fanatic-don’t-ask-me-questions-during-these-big-plays men around me happy, too.

– Jane

If you’re a Pats fan, or know someone who is, we have a giveaway for 2 wicked awesome Pats T’s from Boston Accents going on over here.

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Our lucky dad pick today on Pinks & Blues is World Wide Fred’s Beer Bands!

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The Pinks & Blues Girls have so many exciting and fabulous giveaways going on over at Mama Loves Giveaways! You gotta check them out!

1) To celebrate our beloved Boston Red Sox playing in the World Series, we’re teaming up with Boston Accents Co. (a wicked awesome company) to give away 4 wicked awesome T-shirts!

And check out my (Sharon) post on New England Mamas – One K-razy Ride – about my incredible trip to my first World Series game evah!

2) Win a Double Daddy GoodFather Gift Combo from Dr. MOZ! This combo pack includes a GoodFather gift CD-ROM that teaches new fathers baby skills to a fun mobster parody modern men enjoy and a GoodFather gift T-shirt (size Med-3XL).

3) We have an ingenious product to give away to a mom or dad who never wants to lose a child’s bottle, sippy cup, pacifier or favorite toy again! It’s a Take-Along Tether, courtesy of Parent Pardners.

4) Win the ultimate Baby Girly-Girl gift basket (a SaraBear diaper basket, to be exact) filled with tons of goodies for pampering a little baby girl.

5) In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, enter to win a special BabyDish “Hally Bag” Pink Ribbon Baby-Be-Ready Diaper Bag Survival Kit.

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I pledge.

I pledge to spread the word this month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness and tell my loved ones to get examined.

I pledge to do this in honor and in memory of all the women who have passed from this cancer.

And I pledge to honor of all survivors.

I pledge in honor of my cousin Cathy Greynolds Holden. Cathy lost her battle after a courageous fight. But her tireless efforts to spread the word about breast cancer awareness, and her wonderful, vibrant sense of humor, remain with us. As I write my Pledge, I can see Cathy asking (no, badgering) my Mom about mammograms and self exams.

I was examined on September 27th. My physician told me to start self-examining each month, and gave me information on how to properly do it.

I pledge to do this. Not only for myself. But for my husband. My 3 sons. My babies-to-be. For my mother and father. My grandmothers. My brothers and sister. And for my entire family.

Pinks and Blues is running a Breast Cancer Awareness – Mama Loves Giveaways throughout the month of October with BabyDish.

We are giving away a BabyDish Pink Ribbon Hally Bag – a prepacked diaper bag (yes, prepacked!). The Hally Bag is a must-have for all moms (and the perfect gift for any Mama or Mama-To-Be).

Please leave a comment over at Mama Loves Giveaways to pledge that you will be examined this month or make an appointment for an exam… and you will automatically be entered in our Giveaway.

Our goal at Pinks & Blues is to have 500 women pledge to be examined during the month of October. We know and understand that women of all ages get so busy with their busy lives, and are often so busy helping others that we may overlook ourselves. Or lose track of important annual appointments.

So please pass on the word to all of your loved ones and friends and co-workers to pledge.

Thank you for helping us in doing this… Breast Cancer Awareness is very near and dear to our hearts.


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