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Last Friday I attended the funeral of a very good friend’s Mom, Mrs. Helen McGinn. Actually, my husband and our friend John have been friends since junior high school. I had only seen his Mrs. McGinn a handful of times at his wedding, or a celebration here and there.

But at Mrs. McGinn’s celebratory Mass, I got to know her in a very beautiful way.

Our friend John eulogized his Mom. He spoke eloquently of her 94 years on this earth. He told us of her great love for her family, her sons, her grandchildren and now great grandchildren.

And he told of her passions in life… her love of sports (particularly the Boston Red Sox!), her love of education (she left home in 1931 to attend college at the age of 16!), her passion for reading, her passion for her Church, her passion for fun and laughter and joy.

John spoke of her kindness, and her kindnesses. He told of her gentle discipline. Her great strength. And her positivity.

The congregation was rapt.

When we left the church, I asked my husband how he would describe his Mom’s passions. And I asked aloud, “How do I describe MY Mom’s passions?”

We talked and laughed over the things that we love about our Moms (my Mom is 83 and my mother-in-law is 89!) and the endearing things about them. We told funny stories and spoke of the hardships of women who came of age when they did. And yes, we laughed over the things that drive us crazy about them.

But describing their passions… at least from our perspectives, was wonderful.

And it got me thinking… how would my kids describe my passions?

Sometimes as moms, our personalities get lost for awhile. I see this sentiment over and over again on many blogs. We love our children, and that is our number one passion in life… but honestly, how are we seen by these very children?

And by the way, what color are your Mom’s eyes?

Let me know!

(And thank you, Mrs. McGinn, for making me think about our moms and the greatest love of all!)

– Sharon



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We’re all smart mamas.

After all, any woman who can balance children with any of the following: home, laundry, work, marriage, playdates, carpools, school functions, volunteering, church, friendships, cooking, cleaning (and insert your own activity here) is a smart mama.

It’s innate.

There’s something about becoming a mother and suddenly being able to do more than you ever imagined you could, and all with a smile (OK, not all the time). It’s empowering.

Well, Pinks & Blues has developed a new feature for you – smart mama.

And we’re really excited about this!

smart mama is all about YOU.

Novel idea, right?

But it is. It’s all about YOU.

(It’s about time.)

We have brought together a bunch smart mamas who are experts/love/have a passion for: babywearing, decorating / interior design, fashion, fitness / exercise, green living, health issues, healthy eating, literary / education, mompreneurs / wahms, money matters, organization, travel, tv / movies for kids, and working outside the house.

They will give us fellow smart mamas tips, advice and wisdom – Mama-to-Mama.

What could be better than this?

We want to interest you. Entertain you. And intrigue you.

So sit back and relax. Yes, sit back and relax!

And enjoy.

(And if you want to contribute to smart mama, please email us at pinksandblues[at]gmail[dot]com)

– Audrey

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