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We would like to send a HUGE congratulations out to Sherri Blum Designs, one of our fabulous Virtual Baby Shower sponsors!

Sherri was recently asked by Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Taylor on “Full House”) to help with the nursery decor for her new baby girl, Zoie.

AND… People Magazine’s latest cover story features Sweetin in her new role as a wife and doting mom after putting a rough patch behind her.

So, you can see some of the wonderful Sherri Blum Designs products in the latest issue of People right in Zoie’s nursery!

See more about which Sherri Blum Designs products are featured in Zoie’s nursery here!

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In two days I’m heading down to New Jersey for Johnson & Johnson’s Camp Baby.

Kind of wishing J&J had decided to plop down their headquarters somewhere with weather more akin to, oh I don’t know, Bermuda… but I suppose New Brunswick, NJ will do.

I’m most excited about meeting some of the Mommy bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know through the written word over the past year or so.

(Oh yes, dinnah at the swanky restaurant, The Frog and the Peach, and having a wine social with Ted Allen from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and “Top Chef” will be pretty cool, too.)

Now, I’m not going to even get into the whole PR/marketing fiasco that has erupted around Camp Baby here in the blogosphere. (Although, if one would like to read up on it, a simple Google search of – “camp baby” j&j – will do the trick.)

My whole cause for concern is this: I’m going to Camp Baby with a bunch of Mommy bloggers. And yet… I’m not a Mom.

So, this is what went down. When “we” at Pinks & Blues were invited to Camp Baby, we really were under the impression that “we” would all be going – Mom (a mom to 4, grandmother to 7, soon-to-be 9), Audrey (a mom to 3, soon-to-be 4) and me (my doggies are my babies, but I know that most people don’t consider them “kids”… for the record, though, I do.)

In fact, the original email we received regarding Camp Baby was addressed to the “Pinks & Blues Ladies” at our general P&B email address. But by the time we realized that each of us would need to be sent a separate email invite in order to register, and the invites were sent to Mom and Audrey, the event was full (we also didn’t realize that there was such a limited number of spaces).

And so it’s up to me, the married-but-childless one to represent Pinks & Blues at Camp Baby.

But before you brand me with a “C” for “Childless” a la Hester Prynne, I will tell you that I am about as close to being a Mom as someone who is not a Mom can get (follow that?).

Recently, my girl Melanie at SavvyAuntie introduced me to a word that sums me up perfectly.

I am a PANK.

Got that? I’m a Professional Auntie – No Kids.

I spend a lot of time with my 9 (soon-to-be 11) nieces and nephews. I am very, very close to them. And since I work with Audrey at Pinks & Blues (office space is currently Mom’s house), I am even lucky enough to see her three boys – my nephews – every day.

That means that every day I get to hug and kiss and tickle and chase my little nephews. I sit on the couch and read with them. I build towers and bridges out of blocks with them. I build wooden tracks and play trains with them. I make snacks for them. I hold them after their naps. I kiss their boo boos. I teach them how to be gentle with my doggies. I change their diapers. I color with them.

They know my “look” – the one that all parents have – the one that says, “Oh no you didn’t” or, better yet, “Oh no you don’t.”

As a PANK, you know what it’s like to find yourself in CVS with baby vomit down your sleeve, only to realize it’s there when you’re in line with 10 people behind you.

And let me tell you, as a PANK, you totally feel a sense of protection for your little ones. You don’t want them to ever know any sadness, hurt or pain.

When your sister points out the bully in your nephew’s preschool class, you suddenly find yourself giving some random 4-year-old the evil eye. (Or so I’ve heard. Oh no, I’ve never done anything like this. Never…)

As a PANK, you understand what your parents meant when they said, “No matter what, nothing can ever take away the amount of love I have for you.”

My nieces and nephews can be upset at me for telling them, “No.” They can glare at me, turn their backs to me, tell me they’re mad at me. Nothing will ever change the love I have in my heart for them.

As for when I’ll have two-legged kiddos of my own, I’m really not sure (Mom just loves that answer, by the way). Steve and I are still fairly newly married (just over 3 years) and between my doggies, my role as a PANK and building my business, I feel like my plate is already pretty full.

Of course, there’s always room for a little more, and when the time is right, I think we’ll know.

Luckily, I am literally surrounded by mama-to-be, mama, baby and kid products every day here at Pinks & Blues. So I know I’ll be prepared when the time comes.

So although at Camp Baby I won’t be able to contribute to the conversations about up-in-the-night feedings, child-induced lack of sleep, or when to wean a breastfeeding baby, I know I will be able to hold my own when it comes to gushing about “our” little ones.

Between being a PANK and a doggy mama, there’s always something for me to gush about.

I just hope I don’t stick out too much with my Scarlet Letter.

– Jane


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ANGELA KINSEY of “The Office” on NBC!

Angela, who plays uptight Dunder Mifflin accountant Angela Martin on the NBC show, and her husband, TV writer Warren Lieberstein, are due to have their first baby in May.

They are beyond excited!

And we are beyond excited to have Angela as the celebrity honoree for our Pinks & Blues Virtual Baby Shower, and we’re so happy to announce the news!

Angela is smart, funny and feisty… such a great role model for mamas-to-be. We love her on “The Office” and thought she was hilarious on Thank God You’re Here.

Angela’s television credits include “All of Us,” “Run of the House,” “King of the Hill,” “Mad TV,” “Fire Me Please,” “Spy TV,” “Step by Step” and “The Blame Game.” Her feature film credits include the soon to be released “Tripping Forward” and short film “Career Suicide.”

Angela has been a member of The ImprovOlympic Theater for the past seven years. She has performed with several of the main stage troupes including “The Armando Show,” and the all-female improv show “Bitch Planet.” She has written and performed several of her own shows, including “Tiny Blonde,” “Linz & Kinz,” and was a featured member of the sketch show “Hot Towel,” directed by comedian Dom Irrera.

Originally from Texas, Angela grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and still speaks the language. She graduated from Baylor University, and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two cats.

Her birthday is June 25th… ironically enough, my (Audrey’s) due date with my 4th son (this pregnancy is what started the whole Virtual Baby Shower idea, after all)!

Again, we at Pinks & Blues are so honored to have Angela as our celebrity mama-to-be to shower with the fabulous items from our fantastic Virtual Baby Shower sponsors and vendors!

And we are just as excited about showering you! So if you’re a mama-to-be due between May 1st and August 1st (or know someone who is) nominate yourself (or the mama-to-be) to receive all the same fabulous gifts that Angela is receiving… gifts from these wonderful companies (and we’re adding to the list daily!):

2 chix
787 Baby
aden + anais
Baby Candy
Baby Cha-Cha Boutique
Bambina Ballerina (check out their special Pinks & Blues bow holder!)
Barefoot Books
Be So Beautiful Baby
Bella B Bodycare
b.glam baby
Blessed Nest
BlueZoo Boutique
For Your Bug-A-Boo
The Cubbyhole
Czela Bellies CesareanWear
Deadly Girl Couture
Diaper Cakewalk
Doodlebug Prints
Dr. Moz
Emily Allyn
Happy Panda Baby
Haute Lunch
The Hole Thing
Hot Moms Club
ll Cocco di Mamma
In The Pink Designs
Jaime Zollars
Ladybugs and Lilypads
Liliputians NYC
Lil’ Sugarplum
Little Stork
Mabel’s Labels
Made by Angie
Made for Mommy
Mama Rose’s Naturals
Miss Priss Tutus
My Miracle Baby
Natural Pod
“The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler”
Posh Peacock
The Queen Bee Paper Company
Queenie by Design
Pixie Dust Décor
Rag & Bone
Resa Design
Rock Star Moms
Secure2Me Blanket
Sherri Blum Designs
Sofia Bean
Stacie Dale Designs
Sunflower Hill
Susan Brown’s Baby
Tiptoe Bows
Tots On-the-Go
Tubby Bundle
Violet Gumdrop
Welcome Baby

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Skimbaco.com (which is owned and run by our friend and favorite fashionista Katja) is currently having a 12 days of Christmas Shopping Event, featuring daily deals, up to 65% off!

The Skimbaco.com huge Holiday Shopping Event – 12 Days of Christmas.

Going on now! (Ends December 4th)

Skimbaco.com wants to make shopping fun for parents and give them lots of fabulous deals!

Skimbaco.com offers several celebrity moms’ favorite brands, such as Tea Collection, Blume Girl, Lola et Moi, Baby Star, Livie & Luca, Avalisa, Gigi Blanki Co and many imported children’s fashion brands like Paper Wings, and Edenstar. Lots of gift items for the whole family, including personalized clothing and accessories, designer jewelry and baby gifts. Also, Twinkle-Kids felt cakes, picked the best toy gift in the Simple Life magazine this year.

* And for two fabulous Holiday Gift Guides, check out Katja’s Skimbaco Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide AND our 2007 Pinks & Blues Holiday Gift Guide.

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When Dad has made Throwback Thursday appearances in the past – like here and here – people have commented that he looks like different celebrities. Depending on the photo, we’ve gotten Scott Baio, Al Pacino and Rod Stewart.

Although someone (C from The Island) did comment once that he looked like Dustin Hoffman.

That one we’ve heard before. Many times. In fact, at least once a week someone will come up to Dad and ask if he has ever been told he looks like Dustin Hoffman… and sometimes people insist he is Dustin Hoffman (especially in places like Martha’s Vineyard or New York City), even as Dad insists he’s not!

So this Throwback Thursday we’ll go back to the summer of 1995, when Dustin Hoffman came to Rhode Island to film a movie called American Buffalo, and Dad was literally picked off the street to be his stand-in during the filming of the movie.

Here’s the article in The Providence Journal from June 20, 1995 on how it all went down:



Here’s Dad getting interviewed by NBC 10 (our NBC affiliate in RI) just after he was chosen (see Audrey and me in the background!?):


Here’s me (Jane) and Mom on the set with the REAL Dustin Hoffman (who is very funny and nice in person):


As a gift from the crew during filming, Dad and the other two stand-ins received their own director’s chairs. When Rhode Island Monthly magazine did an article on Dad, they had him pose with his chair (how “Hollywood” does Dad look here!?):


And here I zoomed in on a shot of the cast and crew. Can you pick out Dad and Dustin Hoffman? How about Dennis Franz? Oh, and see the young guy with the blue shirt and sunglasses? Audrey and I had the biggest crush on him that summer – but we thought he was SO old because… he was in college!


So that was our first little brush with Hollywood… what a fun summer it was! We have lots of other fun stories about Dustin Hoffman “sightings” (people mistaking Dad for Dustin Hoffman) that we’ll have to blog about some other time!

Pinks & Blues Girls Blog is your Throwback Thursday Headquarters!

Join in on the Throwback Thursday fun! Sign Mr. Linky so others know you’ve participated and can check out your Throwback Thursday photos on your site, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

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We are so extremely excited to announce the expansion of our Pinks & Blues website!

You still get your fabulously trendy and ultra-hip daily pick… but now you can also access our blogs on our Pinks & Blues homepage to read our views, news and clues into Mama-hood.

Our blogosphere-renowned giveaways also appear on our new homepage… ‘cuz we all know that Mama Loves Giveaways!

And we are introducing two fabulous new features – Soft Pink to Hot Pink (which “pink” are you? Go on, check it out!) and Celebrity Scoop to give you the dish on all the latest celeb news (you know you love it!).

To celebrate the excitement, we are having a (what else!?) beyond fabulous Pinks & Blues Primarily Pink giveaway!

One lucky Pinks & Blues Lucky Loop subscriber will win this fantastic prize package:

* A green-with-pink-circles Circle Hobo bag from Dooney & Bourke – retails at $245


* A Victoria’s Secret pink Vinyl Tote w/ attached cell phone case – retails at $30 (filled with the following Victoria’s Secret products):

VS Beauty Rush Appletini Body Lotion (6.7 fl. oz.) – retails at $12
VS Beauty Rush Appletini Body Mist (8.4 fl. oz.) – retails at $12
VS Love Spell Stimulating Body Scrub (7 oz.) – retails at $9
VS Love Spell Refreshing Body Mist (8.4 fl. oz.) – retails at $9
VS Love Spell Hydrating Body Lotion (8.4 fl. oz.) – retails at $9
VS Mosaic Face Bronzer (.24 oz.) – retails at $18
VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss – Pink Berry (.46 oz.) – retails at $7
VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss – Mochaboom (.46 oz.) – retails at $7

**To enter this contest giveaway, all you need to do is sign up as a Pinks & Blues Lucky Loop subscriber! If you are already a subscriber, you are already entered!**

Contest will end MONDAY, AUGUST 27th at 5 PM EDT – so sign up for the Lucky Loop today!

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CLICK HERE to see our exciting TMZ.com debut (just hang around for seconds :12 through :20)!


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Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Liz Lange Maternity, 7 For All Mankind, L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, Dooney & Bourke, Victoria’s Secret, Shoshanna, Vera Wang, Banana Republic, Swarovski (to name but a few of the 185 vendors at Super Saturday 10. And yes, I was drooling!)…

I (Audrey) first went to this event 5 years ago when I started working at Donna Karan.

My first job out of college was working as an assistant in Donna’s office. Here I was, literally fresh off the bus from Rhode Island and working in this fabulous fashion world.

I loved it. I woke up every morning excited to go to work. And fortunately I worked with the most amazing women… we laughed, we worked hard, we understood each other, they became my family in the City.

And they taught me everything there is to know about fashion and trends and what-not-to-wear! 🙂

BUT, I had the privilege to work at the Super Saturday 5 & 6 events. And it was wonderful because I have such a passion for helping to find a cure for Ovarian Cancer (my cousin passed away from cancer 3 years ago) and seeing the love and the time and the enjoyment of people putting together this event was something truly amazing.

And 6 years later, the event has grown tremendously… the celebrities come out and help… the vendors (all huge fashion mavens) donate tons and tons of goods… and people come out from all over to shop, eat, have fun with their children, and shop some more. All to help benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (www.ocrf.org).

Be looking for photos of the event in the September issue of InStyle Magazine! They had the red carpet out for the celebs who came… and even watch Access Hollywood, Extra and Entertainment Tonight for some exposure!!

But first, check out our Celebrity Scoop blog for your first look at pictures from Super Saturday 10, courtesy of the Pinks & Blues Girls (and our photographer extraordinaire dad/husband Barry)!

Congrats to Lisa from Stretch Mark Mama and MorningSong for winning our Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway pure DKNY canvas totes!

And congrats to Arianne S. for winning our contest for the Once Upon a Family Letters From Grandma set!

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Be sure to make your way over to Lessons from the Laundry… Kathy over there is starting a new Wednesday feature called Wednesday Wash Wisdom, along with some cool contest prizes! Check it out!

And another shout-out is due to Drea at Fina’ Drea for the AMAZING banner she did for our Pinks & Blues Girls Blog. Don’t you love it!? Also check out her Touched Photography site, which is her business site.

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Congratulations to Rebecca at A Not so Desperate Housewife, the winner of our Father’s Day contest!

We paired with the fabulous folks at Once Upon a Family to give one lucky reader a Dates with Dad set, a perfect gift for Dad on Father’s Day – or every day!


ALSO… we want to tell you about the great contest Elizabeth at Pointless Babbling by Mason and Terri’s Mom is holding! She is giving away an adorable hair clip from Lil’ Sugarplum! Go check it out!

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