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When each of my grandchildren celebrates a birthday, I buy a special pair of pajamas (anything from dinosaurs to race cars and rockets, princesses to snow bunnies and flowers) and have them embroidered with the birthday date and year. I make absolutely sure that the pajamas are given on the actual birth-day, so the birthday child can wear them to bed that special night.

As you can imagine with 7 grandchildren, I have become best buds with the embroidery place in my town. When they see me coming, they say, “So it’s birthday time again!”

This got me thinking… why not celebrate Audrey’s special 30th birthday with her own embroidered t-shirt on this most wonderful day.

So my beautiful birthday girl… HAPPY 5-23-08 BIRTHDAY!

Even though you are now a Mommy of your own children, you will always be my little darling!

I love you!


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I don’t know why I’m always so surprised… because my mom has bought me 3 special “coming home from the hospital outfits” for each of my 3 boys.

And her tradition continues with Henry.

With 5 weeks and counting… I was greeted this morning with the first gift of his coming home outfit. Talk about getting my heart pumping with excitement!

(Brown University is both Matt’s and my alma mater. And the place where we met on a beautiful October morning… making these pants even more special.)

There’s nothing I love more than crisp, summer whites! Henry is my first summer baby!

– Audrey

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It’s happened 30 times in my lifetime, including 3 weeks before I was born.

Each May 1st.

I always forget about it… and then, well… BAM! There it is.

A song. A simple, beautiful song.

A song that my parents have played for me, and Jane, every single May 1st morning.

As a child, I would wake up on May 1st to “Lusty Month of May” singing through the house from our stereo (that’s what my parents called it back then!).

As a teenager, I would wake up on May 1st to “Lusty Month of May” singing through the house from our CD player.

In college, it was played for me through the phone (one year on my answering machine while I was sleeping!).

While living in NYC, it was played through the phone to me at work.

And this morning… as I walked into our office, there it was. “Lusty Month of May” singing through my parents’ iPod.

If there ever was a song that conveys wonderful memories and happiness and inspiration… it, for me, is Camelot’s “Lusty Month of May.”

And tonight. Well, I plan to start this tradition with my boys.

Because, after all… it IS May. The lusty month of May. When I know my birthday is just weeks away and summer is just around the corner.

– Audrey

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