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Audrey’s husband took William and Alexander to vote with him yesterday. He’s VERY into the whole political process, so he wanted to take photos of the boys during this exciting election.


He sent the photos to CNN and MSNBC last night…

And guess who made it on both sites!?




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It’s great when they’re too little to fight it!

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… because boys only put up with this for so long:


In fact, Benjamin already seems to be thinking, “Not cool, Mom” in this one:


– Jane

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We’re teaching him all the important sounds…

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A few pictures from our vacation in breathtakingly beautiful Rangeley, Maine

The view from our condo’s deck:

The view of frozen Rangeley Lake, covered in snow:

The snowy mountains, seen from a trail on Saddleback Mountain:

A view of Saddleback Lake from Saddleback Mountain:

Yes, my doggies came on vacation… and they played…

… and slept:

They weren’t the only animals there, of course… here was the view out the window one morning as we ate breakfast in town:

Chopped wood outside our condo (no, we didn’t do the chopping):

Yes, it was cold… and here are the icicles to prove it:

A boy (OK, my husband) and his (OK, a borrowed) sled:

Steve, me and Mom snowshoeing (tons of fun… tiring fun!):

A church in the snow:

And finally, a video of Mom sledding:

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Boys will be boys… and they don’t want to stay inside on a freezing-but-sunny day when there’s snow and a hill to sled on!


So what’s a Mama, Grandma and Auntie to do?


Break out the winter gear and brave the cold with the boys!


**Don’t forget to enter our Pinks & Blues Virtual Baby Shower if you’re a mama-to-be due between May and August!**

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And check out our fabulous new posts up over at smart mama!

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