The perfect SMILE!

My mother took this photo of William on Tuesday.

Right after Henry was born Matt sent out a photo via cell phone to everyone in our family to announce he was HERE.

This was William’s face the VERY FIRST time he saw Henry’s photo. I don’t think I could have dreamed a more perfect smile or reaction!

– Audrey


Welcome to the world HENRY!

– Audrey

… can be found on Jane’s Twitter page here!

Please keep Audrey and little Henry in your thoughts and prayers today! We are so excited to meet our latest family addition!


Today, Audrey referenced the “bassinet” in her post about getting ready for our little baby Henry.

The Bassinet.

The same Bassinet that Audrey’s father slept in when he was an infant.

Of all our family traditions, the Bassinet is the most special of all. And it began more than six decades ago with my mother-in-law, Florence.

By the start of 1946, Florence and Joseph Couto had been married for seven years, and still no baby. Now I must tell you here that Florence was born to be a mom. She was… and at 89, still is the most giving, caring, generous person I have ever known. Her two sisters were having baby upon baby, so Florence did shower all of her maternal-ness on her nieces and nephews, but she longed for her own bundle of joy.

And in fact, her older sister would find out that she was expecting her third child in October of ’46. Her younger sister would find out the she was expecting her second child in November of ’46.

Well, 1946 would turn a corner in the life of Flo and Joe. A little morning sickness and a positive pregnancy test would tell Flo that she too was expecting a baby… in December of ’46.

Can you say post -war babies!?

Of course, Florence was beyond joyful. She set about sewing and knitting and crocheting and preparing for this miracle that she had so longed for. And soon enough, a nephew arrived in October. A niece arrived in November.

And Stephen Couto arrived in December. All was right with the world. All was ready.

Except a bassinet. Florence had always admired and loved the white second-hand bassinet that her older sister had purchased for her first baby… and used for each baby. Florence had dreamed of her own child sleeping in that bassinet. But that would not happen because her baby nephew was using it.

So Florence set off to the same second-hand store where her sister had purchased her bassinet several years earlier… and there it was. An identical bassinet. The Bassinet that would start a long Couto family tradition.

That Bassinet was admired and loved by Florence, most especially while watching her own baby boy sleeping in it. But soon, Stephen would have to vacate the Bassinet… as Florence had the surprise of her life. Barry. My husband. Born 18 months later. Florence could not believe her blessings in having her two boys. Her Bassinet.

But wait. There’s more! There would be a third son, Richard, born two years later. Another baby for that precious Bassinet.

That would be it for Flo and Joe’s babies… but Florence wrapped and preserved that lovely Bassinet for another generation. Barry would be the one who listened to the stories, the traditions. And each of his children would sleep in that Bassinet. Keith. Adam. Audrey. Jane. Different ribbons, trimmings, bumpers and bows. Different skirts. Different colors. Each unique. Each touched by Nana Flo.

Each of Barry’s grandchildren has slept in the Bassinet. Taylor. Madison. Andrew. Jacob. William. Alexander. Benjamin. And when Henry arrives home… Henry will continue the tradition. Each touched by Great-Nana Flo.

My mother-in-law… Florence Couto… she has given our family more than a beautiful tradition of the Bassinet, always delivered with grand celebration to the home of the new baby. Florence has given us the tradition of the greatest love of all. Family.

I cannot believe in less than 24 hours, it will finally be time!


Henry will be here.

I am excited and anxious and happy and as-ready-as-can-be all at the same time.

This weekend we worked our butts off getting things ready.

The bassinet is down from the attic. The bedding is washed and crisp and fresh.

The 0-3 month clothes have been sorted. All clean. All ready to be used (again!).

The Target run was accomplished yesterday (thank you, Mom and Dad!). So the bottles, the diapers, the binkies and the blankies are purchased and clean and organized.

The lists (yes, plural) for my parents are completed. Giving them the total-run-down of everything that has to be done at home with the older boys, the 3 big brothers.

And my bag is completely packed, sitting next to the door. Along with the fully-charged video-camera and camera. And – of course! – my laptop for BLOGGING! 🙂

So here I am.

Ready. Ready. Ready.

And trying to take today to take all of this in. I’m going to be a mother for the 4th time tomorrow!

I will update you all – as I’m sure my mother and Jane will, too – when Henry’s HERE!

– Audrey

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Happy Father’s Day to all those DADS out there! Today is the first day it hasn’t been 95 degrees out… so we’re already off to a glorious day!

And to my own DAD… my own special FATHER…

Happy Father’s Day! To the very first man I loved and adored…

Thank you for being YOU.

On this day, I honor you… for all that you have brought into my life. And all that you continue to bring.

To the only man on earth that calls me Audro.

The man who knows why I cried my eyes out when I got my haircut when I was 16 years old (and still tried to convince me that it looked good!).

The man who introduced me to clam dip, fried bologna sandwiches, coffee cabinets, grilled cheese with tomato, pancakes made with bacon grease, coffee with cream and sugar, lemon-filled donuts, double cheese everything, strawberry shortcake and mashed potatoes with lots of butter.

The man who coached my softball team for 5 years. The man who NEVER missed ONE swim meet in 18 years… even if it meant flying to Michigan, North Carolina or Tennessee.

The man who encouraged me to go wherever I felt I belonged when it came to deciding on a college. And even though he knew that me moving to NYC after college would break his heart, he never told me so (even though I knew).

The man who loves my children. Sees in them the gifts that I see. And sees the pieces of “him” and “me” in them… which I know touches his heart.

To this man. My father. My father for 30 years. I love you more than anything. You are still the man who inspires me to reach for the sky. Dream the bigger dream. And believe that there are no impossibilities in life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you so much, DAD. You and Mom will always be my heart and soul together. I feel so blessed to have you as my DAD!

– Audrey