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We’ve been home for 3 days.

3 whole days.

And William, Alexander and Benjamin are just in LOVE with their brother. In LOVE! As a parent, this is the most beautiful sight to see. Your children loving each other. Especially the newest sibling!

But it must be said… it has been absolutely hilarious listening to the things the boys have been asking us and telling us about Henry – or as he has been tagged by the boys, “Henge.”

And the boys are so innocent with their comments and remarks.

My favorite was when William walked in to see me for the first time after having Henry, and there I was with tears in my eyes as the boys greeted their brother… and the hugs and kisses… and the “can I hold him?” asked a hundred times in a row by William and Alexander.

But then William turned to me and said, “Mommy, I thought you said your stomach would be gone after Henry was born?”

Ahh… the innocence (honesty?) of a child.

And something only my son could get away with saying to me! 🙂

I will say that all went well with the c-section. It was a much different experience than my 3 previous births. Going into the hospital to deliver on a specific date, at a certain time, has its advantages when you have 3 little ones at home! And even though I’m somewhat confined to the living room and kitchen for the next 2 weeks, having Henry here is absolutely wonderful. Each time I look into beautiful eyes, I ask him, “How have I gone this long in life without you?”

So here we are. 4 boys under 4.

We’re back to 3 cribs. 3 boys in diapers (we’re still working on the potty training with Alexander!). And 2 boys with bottles!

Ah, life is perfect.

– Audrey

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My best friend Bernadette believes in stars. Stars bring comfort and light. Stars reflect earth’s dreams. Stars are God’s promise of morning.

And stars are reminders that her dad is watching and guiding from heaven.

Tonight, there is a star-garden filling the entire universe. Twinkling stars. Diamond stars. Wishing stars. And angel stars… stars with bright and beautiful wings that dance across the night sky.

I know that one of these angel stars is Caroline Patricia, who with her great-grandpa keeps perfect time in the evening dance of miracles.

Caroline is Bernadette’s granddaughter. Caroline was born a baby angel on June 14th, and she was laid to rest today. The love for sweet baby Caroline is beyond words. Greater than time and eternity. Infinite in its power.

The grief, the sorrow, the sadness, the pain in losing Caroline is unspeakable… unbearable.

Broken hearts. Questions. Faith. Searching for the eternal. Knowledge of God and God’s purpose.

And the love. The running, leaping, jumping, flying love for a little girl who danced inside her mommy all through the fall and winter and spring… right to the entrance of summer. The little girl who commuted to Boston by train with her mommy each morning and evening. The little girl who listened to her mommy and daddy and grandparents cheer on their beloved Providence College Friars at each home game. The little girl who would be welcomed with unrestrained joy and happiness.

It seemed that the world had come to an end.

This morning, the rising scent of summer flowers was sweet. The earliest birds delighted waiting branches. Dew glistened as the sun swelled in the sky.

God promised that the world would continue turning. I know this because the day turned into night.

And the stars began to dance.

The night sky is a celebration of promises. Especially now… with heaven’s newest angel, with her bright and beautiful wings, dancing in the night sky in the arms of her loving great-grandpa.

Caroline. Darling sweet baby Caroline. Your dance is dreams remembered and your light is the pure flame of life.

A diamond in the sky. An angel star.

A miracle.

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As you enter my home, I have an antiqued wall hanging that expresses what I feel each moment of each day: Count Your Blessings.

This week, there were a million blessed moments. Counted. And I thank God.

– Sharon

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The perfect SMILE!

My mother took this photo of William on Tuesday.

Right after Henry was born Matt sent out a photo via cell phone to everyone in our family to announce he was HERE.

This was William’s face the VERY FIRST time he saw Henry’s photo. I don’t think I could have dreamed a more perfect smile or reaction!

– Audrey

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… can be found on Jane’s Twitter page here!

Please keep Audrey and little Henry in your thoughts and prayers today! We are so excited to meet our latest family addition!


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Less than 24 hours to go…

I cannot believe in less than 24 hours, it will finally be time!


Henry will be here.

I am excited and anxious and happy and as-ready-as-can-be all at the same time.

This weekend we worked our butts off getting things ready.

The bassinet is down from the attic. The bedding is washed and crisp and fresh.

The 0-3 month clothes have been sorted. All clean. All ready to be used (again!).

The Target run was accomplished yesterday (thank you, Mom and Dad!). So the bottles, the diapers, the binkies and the blankies are purchased and clean and organized.

The lists (yes, plural) for my parents are completed. Giving them the total-run-down of everything that has to be done at home with the older boys, the 3 big brothers.

And my bag is completely packed, sitting next to the door. Along with the fully-charged video-camera and camera. And – of course! – my laptop for BLOGGING! 🙂

So here I am.

Ready. Ready. Ready.

And trying to take today to take all of this in. I’m going to be a mother for the 4th time tomorrow!

I will update you all – as I’m sure my mother and Jane will, too – when Henry’s HERE!

– Audrey

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Here is my list of 10 Reasons You Know You’re Ready-to-Go!

1. Everyone who crosses my path – family, friends and strangers alike – all say the same thing, “The baby’s still in there, huh? You’re carrying so low!”

2. With the heat wave on the east coast… I am now sweating in places I didn’t know it was possible to sweat from!

3. None of my maternity pants fit anymore. I’m down to dresses and skirts.

4. The hospital called to confirm Tuesday. (Oh yes, the 17th has been marked on my calendar since THANKSGIVING!)

5. I heard my husband tell his boss on the phone yesterday, “Audrey just looks like she could go at any minute.” (I don’t know what the “look” is… but it is.)

6. This past Tuesday, my doctor asked me what kind of contraception I plan to use after the baby is born. Yes… contraception. I’m just thinking about having my baby. Nothing more.

7. I actually packed my bag for the hospital. You know – just in case I go early.

8. My husband has taught my parents how to turn on and maneuver XBOX and Wii. Not for them, but for my boys… while we’re at the hospital.

9. My 2 oldest guys are asking me every night, “Is Henry coming tomorrow?”

10. The fridge has been stocked with Coor’s Light for the homecoming. (Thank you, honey.)

* 1 Reason we still may NOT be ready… the bassinet, clothes and bedding are still up in the attic. And I haven’t gotten my butt to Target yet for the infant diapers, bottles, binkies and new blankies. Note to self – GO TONIGHT!*

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